Softball / Pickleball Day

The title sums up the day today, but then again it might just sum up most of our days. For example, Saturday started out with a short softball training session for me while Sylvia caught up on some of our chores (and I got to pass up the opportunity to run interference in the laundry room). When I got back from the ball field we grabbed a quick lunch and headed out across town to run to the various grocery and bakery shops that we like to buy our staples at. By the time we were finished we had visited four different stores. Since when did grocery shopping become a full time job? When we got back we decided that enough was enough and hunkered down for the rest of the night. Sylvia was having quite a bit of trouble with her feet after the long hike on Friday which is quite unusual for her. It’s one thing to be tired, but sore is something else entirely.

Sunday started out with me heading to the ballroom to run the sound board for the church service. It’s a pretty simple system here in the park, but the set up this week was somewhat more complicated as there were some soloists and a guitar added to the collection this week. I ended up using almost every cord and connector that the park has available to make sure everyone could be heard. After the service I received some assistance dismantling everything, and it really came in handy this week as it usually takes me quite some time. After the service was over the ladies provided coffee and cookies for us all to enjoy, and I managed to get to the cookie table before all the good ones were gone. If you’ve ever seen how seniors devour free food and drink you’ll understand why I needed to hurry.

That afternoon we headed to the pickleball courts for our regular weekly session with several friends. It’s a fun group, that really tries to play the game strategically and it’s been fun to see how everyone is improving as the weeks pass. Sylvia was still having some trouble with her feet so we had to cut things a bit short. Later on we deduced that the source of her problem wasn’t any injury, but probably the ointment she was using to fix the problem. It turns out that the instructions for the Lakota balm she used says that you are not supposed to enclose or wrap any portion of your body after using it. Putting your foot into a sock and shoe right after applying the stuff qualifies as wrapping in my books, and once she soaked her feet for a bit things returned to normal. The rest of the day was quite relaxing for us, and we spent over 2 hours on Skype with our son Jason in the evening. He’s hoping to be able to fly down and visit us in the next couple of weeks, and that should be good.

That brings us to Monday and after our morning meetings sorting out the events of the week in the park as well as our hiking clubs planned adventures Sylvia and I went our separate ways. She enjoyed a couple of hours of pickleball with the ladies in the park while I ran around the ball field adjacent to the courts at the same time. The team we were playing was the one who defeated us in the championship game last year. Unfortunately I wasn’t playing in the portion of the field next to the pickleball courts this week so I wasn’t able to take a peek at how Sylvia was doing between plays. Or maybe that was a good thing as far as the ball team goes, as I wasn’t distracted.

Sylvia didn’t score as well this week at the round robin play, but seemed to really enjoy herself. She arrived at the ball field after our first game which we won surprisingly easily 17-5. The second game didn’t start out too well, as we were down 5-0 after the first inning, and didn’t score a run until the 3rd inning. We didn’t allow them any more runs though, and by the bottom of the 4th or 5th inning we’d caught up. Then we had something happen that I’ve always been afraid would occur.

I was on second base and a ball was hit on the ground in front of me and I took off for 3rd. The ball shot between the shortstop and 3rd baseman and they both moved towards it. As I ran past them I watched them run into each other and the sound I heard can only be described as a sickening smack. As I ran past 3rd base I called out to our dugout to check on the guys as I was not convinced that all was well. As soon as I crossed home plate with the go ahead run I turned around and saw players from both teams converging on the location where both guys were laid out flat on the ground.

Our team manager began tending to one guy while the other was attempting to get up. He managed to rise with a bit of assistance, but was already growing an egg on his head about the size of a golf ball. He was a bit woozy, but didn’t seem to much worse for wear, but the other guy wasn’t looking so good. He also had a large abrasion on his forehead, was unresponsive to Tom’s questioning and unable to focus on anything. His pupils were dilated and he had no idea what had happened to him. 911 was called and a paramedic team arrived shortly and they quickly called an ambulance for him right away. They carted him away on a stretcher, enclosed in a neck brace and on a backboard. I’m pretty worried about his prognosis as it turned out that he was 81 years old, and a concussion at that age can’t be a good thing. The fact that he’s 81 and playing 3rd base shows that he has some access to the Fountain of Youth, but I don’t think he’ll be back playing ball anytime soon. The game was called right then and there, as none of us wanted to play any more today.

So our ball team is undefeated so far this season, but that really doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things does it. Hopefully the rest of the week will be less dramatic, as we really just want to have fun down here.


2 responses to “Softball / Pickleball Day

  1. Your schedule is a busy one. Shopping alone would tire me out.

    That 81 year old fella who got smacked must have a strong constitution to be able to play ball at age 81….and to survive a hard smack. I hope he recovers well.


  2. What a horrible thing to have happen. I hope they are both okay. Nice that you both have your health and are able to keep so very active.


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