We’re home!

At 2:30 this afternoon we drove into our driveway and parked the trailer. The visits with Sylvia’s Mom as well as her Dad and Joan were great, but we were definitely getting antsy about getting home. Yesterday our route was blanketed in snow in the morning, but cleared off by noon, so we figured why hurry if we were anticipating snow. We ended up leaving at close to 10 in the morning and stopped off at a rest area on the highway to give our tanks a final sanitizing and emptying. The drive from there was pretty easy as we left behind the west coast rainfall that seems to always follow us. We only ran into a few flakes of snow at the Pennask Summit, but nothing was ever threatening to stick to the roadway and the lowest temperature we saw at the summit was 3C.

Once we got home we began to tackle the fun job of emptying the trailer over the next 4 hours. I did pretty good cleaning out the closets, but forgot a drawer that had Sylvia’s delicate stuff in it. As she wasn’t interested in going ‘Commando’ I had to open the trailer up after dinner and retrieve her unmentionables. The living area is now cleaned out, and awaiting a session with our carpet cleaner. I’ll clear out the basement storage tomorrow. It’s mostly filled with sporting equipment and stuff that stays in the trailer year-round to entertain the mice anyway. 

Now we just have to wait for our TV and Internet service to be restored or else we’ll have to get used to a very quiet house. Tomorrow is set aside for Laundry and Mega Grocery shopping as life returns to normal. However they have started to play Pickleball here already. Maybe I can sneak away…..


8 responses to “We’re home!

  1. Welcome home! Happy you had a great time in the warmer climes, and you made it home safe and sound.

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  2. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Have a great spring and summer!


  3. Welcome home! Isn’t unloading the trailer fun? Guess we are all getting back to “real” life again 🙂


  4. I can’t believe how fast you unloaded. Takes us 2 full days, back and forth. The kitchen is the biggest job. That is the part I don’t like about returning home. If only someone else would unload for us.


  5. What is your home community that you have pickle ball? I thought that was just a “down south” sport. Always good to be home! Next Fall. Kent


  6. We got everything unpacked in a few hour as well but remembering where everything goes in the house is another matter. Still have to give the trailer a thorough cleaning, inside one out, and have to winterized. Can still get freezing here till mid May.
    Now, back to my Honey Do List. Nice not to have looked at that list for 5 months.

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