That Was a Quick Two Weeks

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been home for two weeks already. Our first few days were spent unloading the trailer and cleaning it inside and out. Like the last couple of years of our travels it was relatively rain free coming home so even though we had to drive through the sand and grit left on the side of the road over the Coquihalla Highway on our last day there wasn’t much crud plastered on the RV. It made it pretty easy to clean the outside and once we got the carpets all shampooed and dried it’s now been put in it’s summer parking place at the side of our yard. We’ve covered the inside of the trailer in Bounce Dryer sheets to try and deter the usual summer residents from taking up residence. Yes I’m referring to our local mice. We’ll see if we can keep them at bay this summer, but I’m not holding my breath.

In between manning the carpet cleaner and the buckets we made several trips to various stores in town to replenish our supplies and support the local economy. We surely did our part keeping the local shop owners happy as we found out we absolutely needed new stuff to replace the old stuff that wasn’t worn out yet. Who knew we needed new dishes? Actually I knew as I really didn’t like the old ones. They were so heavy I was afraid they’d one day overload the shelf they were on.

We’ve also been keeping our local insurance people occupied as we’ve had to renew our RV, Travel, Motorcycle and Car insurance. We find that our living costs when we travel down south are quite low, but we more than make up for it once we get home.

The last two years when we arrived home one of my first jobs was to prune and spray our various fruit trees. This year the weather must have been very nice before we got home, as all 5 of our trees were in bloom and it was too late to spray them without damaging the flowers and killing the bees that we rely on to pollinate them. That hasn’t stopped us from getting started on our various yard projects already though. We’ve already relocated 4 bushes in our yard and planted 2 new trees. One of the bushes is in a holding pattern awaiting 2 more pine bushes to be pulled out later on this spring. I’ve only managed to split open various irrigation lines 3 times digging up the shrubs. I think I’ll be purchasing several more splice kits before I’m done this year.

There’s much more to come, and I will be spreading a lot of gravel around again this year to  cover various garden beds. The areas we covered in gravel last year were a piece of cake to deal with this spring, with only a bit of grass trying to grow through the landscape fabric. A bit of Epsom salts and vinegar should take care of those spots pretty quick.

We’ve also managed to play a few days of pickleball in the last week, and I’ve managed to get myself signed up for the National Western Pickleball Tounament in Kelowna this July. I’ve never played an organized tournament outside from a few small ones in our RV park so this should be interesting.

Oh, and I also got a year older, finally catching up with Sylvia again. We had a pretty quiet day and ordered in a Sushi dinner then sat down to watch the Canucks self destruct and end their season with a loss to Calgary. (That last line was about Ice Hockey for the benefit of all you Americans who read the blog 🙂 ) Sylvia spent the time to made a Williams Family Birthday tradition for me. My mother used to make a Chocolate cake with Caramel icing for my Dad and me for our birthdays. Sylvia has modified the tradition a bit and now makes cupcakes, but that only means that I get to enjoy them longer and don’t have to force myself to eat a whole cake at once (not that she’d let me). The tradition has carried on as these particular cupcakes are a real hit with our Grandkids as well.


The ones with the extra little chocolate candies on them are mine, and have a bit more icing on them as well. Gotta like that.

Well, that’s about it for the last 2 weeks. We’re back in our routines again and enjoying living in the Okanagan. I might even break out the golf clubs soon!


3 responses to “That Was a Quick Two Weeks

  1. You sound just like us! We’ve done nothing but spend money since we got home. Insurance, food and even new dishes! We need to go back to AZ to stop spending money —- oh except for that park model thing 😉


  2. Wow – you guys have been busy & have accomplished a ton in a few short weeks. Had a couple days nice enough to get out and do some preliminary weeding and cleaning up of my garden, but have more to do. I have a back area that is always so wet, so this year I am going to mix in some peat moss to try to help it drain better and not be so thick and muddy! But want a few more degrees and some sun before I do that! It’s coming – sometime! Those cupcakes look so good! May have to find a recipe for caramel frosting and try it sometime! We don’t eat a lot of cake, not even for birthdays anymore, but I could make an exception for caramel frosting! Happy Spring!


  3. Never heard of the Epsom salts & vinegar combo before. Will have to try it. Yummy birthday treat. Your yard is going to be in the next landscape magazine with all the work you are doing.

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