Guess Who Dropped By

Earlier this week we were pleased to get a message from Rick and Debbie who we know from the last few years down in Canyon Vistas. They are full timers in their RV and were spending some time parked in Westbank before heading on to their next stop, and were hoping they could drop by for a visit. They are a fair bit younger than the average Snowbird, but that’s never stopped them from having fun down in Arizona and teaching us how Pickleball should really be played. IMG_0115

They dropped in for coffee this morning and we talked each other’s ears off for a few hours. It was a great time, and it was really nice to get some extended time talking to them rather than catching up in the few minutes we had between pickleball games down south. Unfortunately they are not returning to Canyon Vistas next winter, but will still be in the Mesa area, so we should be able to get together as they still have lots of friends in Canyon Vistas. They are great friends with our pickleball instructor John and I’m sure he’ll be scheduling some group play over the season.


Oh, and Sylvia wants you all to know that it was quite windy this afternoon. She doesn’t usually look like she’s trying to imitate an airplane. I think we should blame the photographer for not noticing, don’t you?


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