And We’re Off Again

We’ve been home for a week and tomorrow morning we’re off again on a gallivant to Calgary to visit our kids and grandkids. While we’re there we’ll be celebrating Ayden’s 9th Birthday so that should be a special day. How we got old enough to have a 9 year old Grandson is something I’m not that sure of. It seems like yesterday he was being bounced on our knees and soon he’ll be able to start bouncing us if we don’t watch ourselves. We should have some nice pictures of our trip to share and we’ll post them when we get a chance.

The weather here in Kelowna has been very nice for springtime with temperatures quite a bit above average. We got some rain over the last weekend which isn’t a bad thing as the hillsides are very dry for this time of year. They are already predicting that the fire season this year will be a bad one so any rain is appreciated.

Sylvia has spent quite a bit of time shopping for just the right presents for the kids (and herself) since we got home from Vancouver so we’ve definitely done our part to keep the local shop owners happy lately. I managed to get in one day of playing pickleball, and we attended a great coffee house music night in Coldstream on Saturday, but other than that we’ve been close to home and getting things ready for this next trip. When we get back next week I think we’re back into the yard renovation projects so that should be fun and relaxing. We’ll see if we get any rest this weekend first.


2 responses to “And We’re Off Again

  1. Enjoy the ‘rest.’


  2. Have fun Rod, and have a great week with your family.


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