Calgary and Back

It’s  been a busy few weeks, as we’ve been away more than we’ve been home lately. After our trip to Vancouver we had a week at home to catch up on things, get the lawn cut and plant some plants. The gardens look fine after our trips, the roses and peonies are blooming and all the stuff we bought just before we left surprisingly survived being ignored for 5 days, and are ready to be put into pots starting soon.


We drove to Calgary last Thursday and it was an absolutely spectacular day for a drive. It was also a harbinger of what turned out to be a very nice weekend in Calgary. IMG_20150521_113056

There was lots of snow up in the mountains where it belongs, but absolutely none down on the highway where the temps were approaching the low 80’s F and high 20’s C.IMG_20150521_113100

We’ve been travelling to Calgary in late May almost every one  of the last 9 years to see our family and celebrate Ayden’s birthday. Of those visits we’ve seen quite a bit of un-spring like conditions and several weather related events that made us glad we lived elsewhere. This year was quite the change as it was warm all during our visit and very sunny most of the time.

We brought along a badminton set for the family to enjoy and set it up our first morning there to see how the kids took to it. Payton took to it pretty quick, but Sylvia has probably permanently ruined her Pickleball game as this racquet is substantially longer and the birdie never seemed to end up in the same place as the end of her racquet.


Ayden also enjoyed it, but their cute little friend Kyla was just happy to watch.  IMG_20150522_130348

We spent Saturday morning trying to drown the kids at the pool and water slides that were at our hotel. It wasn’t very busy so the kids got lots of chances to run up the stairs and down the slides, and that can never be a bad thing for a couple of young boys. It turned out to be quite the popular spot for the kids and we’ll have to see if we can do that again on future visits.

Sunday broke warm and sunny again, although a bit windy. It was the day set aside to celebrate Ayden’s 9th birthday and Jocelyn and Bryan had invited 10 friends to help him celebrate. We arrived early in the morning and brought along a bunch of presents for both Ayden and Payton. As Payton’s birthday is in early December we have never actually been in Calgary for his special day (what sane person travels to Calgary in December?), so we try and celebrate both birthdays together.

IMG_0187   IMG_0193

Payton is really interested in anything associated with space and this kit includes a number of models of the planets which kept me busy for quite a while trying to put them together. IMG_0195  

Eventually all the presents were opened and the clothes tried on for size. IMG_0200

Then it was time to get together all the preparations for the party before the guests arrived. Jocelyn had made some special cupcakes for the kids to enjoy.


The back yard was set up as a carnival with several stations for the kids to try their hands at various games with lots of prizes being handed out for them to enjoy. IMG_0204 IMG_0206 IMG_0210

Sylvia got some time in practicing while the kids were at other games. I wonder if she won a prize.

 IMG_0213 IMG_0215

Eventually it was time to open the cards and presents and once the cupcakes arrived everyone settled down to enjoy themselves.

IMG_0220 IMG_0246

The last event was an old fashioned sack race. The kids were split into older and younger groups, but they all had a blast racing across the yard. IMG_0249 IMG_0254

Once the party wound down Ayden went out on the street to try out one of his presents. I think the Skateboard is going to be a big hit with him.


On Monday the kids were back in School and so we had a nice chance to have a visit with Bryan and Jocelyn. We hung around until the kids were finished with their classes. Unfortunately Ayden tripped in the alley on his way home and put a big gash in his knee. He eventually needed 4 stitches to close the V shaped gash and wasn’t that happy with how he ended up celebrating his actual Birthday. We had to leave them as soon as he got back from the clinic, but he was a real trooper and according to Jocelyn he was good to go the next morning.

Tuesday morning we drove back to West Kelowna after a terrific time visiting with our family. We came back to a lawn that seemed to grow an inch a day, lots of new roses and peonies and even some big Clematis flowers.


We’ll spend some time catching up on our yard work and deciding whether or not we want to continue further with our gravel renovation projects this year. First though we’ll have some fun and games for a bit while we try and resurrect Sylvia’s Pickleball game from the bad habits she picked up playing Badminton.

The weather since we got home has been very warm. We’ve even had to turn on the air conditioning a couple of times, and that’s something we’ve never had to do in May before. We’ll see if that means we’re heading for a warmer than normal summer.


8 responses to “Calgary and Back

  1. I bought a new clematis last year…Kiri te Kanawa. It’s the most gorgeous dark purple, double flower. We are training it up the front entry. Have to try and get the camera card talking to my laptop again. I somehow lost the card reader program. Tried using the USB connection, direct from the camera, but that isn’t working either. You know how much I love this stuff. Glad Calgary weather was good to you. Lenore


  2. Did you win the sack race, Rod?

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  3. Looks like you had a great time with the family. What fun!


  4. It is beautiful driving through the Rogers Pass when it is sunny and warm outside. Sounds like a great time visiting with family 🙂

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  5. The weather was really nice for your drive and Calgary visit. It certainly has been a great month of May here on the coast. And much warmer and dryer than the norm. No complaints.

    Our turn to drive out to Alberta is in the months ahead. And like you, we look forward to our visit with family.


  6. Thanks for sharing your family. Just a note: it is much warmer “way up north” than just north in Minnesota. It has been raining, getting ready to rain, or just rained with temps 10 to 15 F below normal. Felt like we did w u-turn and back to Texas in February! Best regards, Kent & Shari

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  7. Your trip looked like a wonderful time. Grandchildren such an incredible blessing. I can’t wait. hahaha. And the pictures… WOW! the weather looked perfect. xoxo Norma


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