Goofing Around with a New Camera

As Sylvia and I are heading away in September for a special trip to France we decided that we needed a new camera to help us document our travels. Our previous camera is a Canon SX210 and it’s performed very well for us over the years. We’ve had it for 5 years this summer and it’s been to Alaska, across Canada and down in Arizona 5 times. We’ve taken an uncountable number of pictures with it, and some folks are quite impressed on what kind of quality we get out of a small Point and Shoot camera. Believe me it’s all the work of the camera as the folks that regularly operate it know very little about picture taking. The 210 was beginning to show it’s age, as a couple of years ago a gasket that surrounded the lens broke and fell off the camera. This past year I noticed that there were always spots that looked like dust particles on our images. I ended up doing quite a bit of editing to get the spots off of the images that we posted on the blog.

As an example, in this shot of the 4 Peaks range the dark blotch near the base of the tall peak in the background just shouldn’t be there. This spot showed up on almost all of our pictures, and especially on large field landscape pics near the end of our season in Arizona. Editing them out took far too much time away from just having fun during our time there.


This one shows just how many spots there are on our images. I figure there’s a lot of dust on the sensor. IMG_0117   

This past week we received a flyer from London Drugs and it turned out they had a sale on the exact camera that I had been researching this spring as a replacement. This past weekend we picked up a Canon SX710 HS that is relatively similar in operation and, more important, button location to our old camera (we don’t want to have to learn too many new things at this advanced age, do we?).IMG_0011

The new camera is just a bit larger than the old one on the left, but has a multitude of extra features. As an example it can wirelessly transfer pictures to a computer or smartphone, as well as be operated remotely by that smartphone. Just where I’ll use that feature I don’t quite know yet, but it might make for some interesting candid shots. The optical zoom on the old camera is 14X and is a whopping 30X on the new unit, so we should be able to get some interesting long shots. One thing I’m missing on the new camera is a ‘Landscape’ setting, but there is a ‘Sports’ setting which allowed me to get a couple of decent shots of our local hummingbirds tonight.

IMG_0006 IMG_0008

Hopefully with some more practice I’ll be able to capture their wings in a more stationary position. and figure out how to best take our landscape pictures.

The first pictures taken by the camera were of Sylvia’s Mom, who’s here for a short visit and her cousins who popped in for a short visit yesterday. I handed Sylvia the camera and said ‘Here, give it a try’ and she found it relatively painless to take a couple of pictures so that’s a good thing.


Here’s Mom along with her niece Anne and her husband John. They have family in Kelowna and stopped by on their way into town. It was great to see them.

We’ve been busy finishing up our landscaping projects in the yard this week and I’ll post some pics of the latest work when I get a chance. Have I mentioned that I’m getting tired of shovelling gravel? Mind you, I’ll probably be bored now that it’s all finished. Maybe I can get some golfing in though. It’s about time I dusted off the clubs.


6 responses to “Goofing Around with a New Camera

  1. A new camera is always lots of fun. Always new things to learn. France! Wow, that will be a great chance to use the camera. That’s where they make wine, isn’t it? And maybe French cooking.

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  2. Have fun playing with your new toy!

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  3. Your new camera sounds wonderful as does France. Don’t throw out the old one, I can bring it to Mexico for you this winter and get the dust spots repaired fro about $25.00.

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  4. Oh no, stiffer competition for the best hike photos 😉

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  5. A new camera to capture your travels in France seemed fitting. You would not one those pesky blotches on your photos that is witnessed on the photos you posted.

    Seems that all is well in West Kelowna.


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