This and That

It’s been a good and interesting week for us here in Kelowna.

We’ve dealt with a continuing heat wave that has managed to scorch our lawn and gardens quite nicely.

We’ve had a small fire started in the forested ravine across the road from our complex. The local Fire Marshal has done an investigation of the cause and figures it was caused by someone tossing a cigarette out a car window. You’ve got to wonder what kind of an idiot tosses a lit butt into a tinder dry bush, but you can’t fix stupid.

We’ve managed to grow a few more roses, but I figure I should show them to you before the deer finish the work they’ve started in our veggie garden and mow them down.

IMG_20150711_111943 IMG_20150711_111951

We had a Western Flicker decide to try and fly through our window while we were having breakfast one morning. It looked like a young one and we tried to give it some time to try and find a way off the deck but finally I had to throw a towel over it and lift it above the railing before it knocked itself silly against the glass. They really can grab onto anything, and I was rather concerned when it decided to hang from our window screens for a bit.


We spent an evening listening to a String Ensemble playing selections from Bach, Brahms and Beethoven along with such eclectic selections as Take Me Out To The Ball Game. The leader of the group was Calvin Dyck. We’ve listened to his performances before but this time his selections were quite ‘long-haired’ and as the temperatures in the church where they played were close to body temperature it was rather difficult to sit in the very hard pews. The music was not our usual fare, but it was performed well. It certainly must have been uncomfortable for the performers to play in those conditions. IMG_20150709_204337

The next night we attended the local Music in the Park and listened to the big band sounds of The Dreamland Band. They just about filled the stage in Memorial Park, and put on a great show for almost 2 hours playing Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Bobby Darin and Michael Bublé selections. It was another great show. IMG_20150710_193002

This weekend the Canadian Pickleball Association held the Western National Championships in Kelowna. I entered the Men’s 3.0 level doubles event and my partner Gord and I won the Bronze medal in our division. As it was the first sanctioned event we had entered we were quite pleased to do so well. We won our very first game but then lost the best of three set to the eventual Gold medalists which dropped us into the ‘losers’ bracket where we still had a chance to make it to the final. We mopped up in that half of the bracket and eventually played in the Bronze medal game where we lost a close 3 game set to the Silver medalists. We really didn’t think the two teams ahead of us were any better than we were, but they made less mistakes than we did which allowed them the victory. Maybe next year we’ll do better, as we really did enjoy ourselves.



Two of the guys we play with regularly won the Gold Medal in the 3.5 division, and all together the little West Kelowna Pickleball group performed admirably and won our fair share of medals. Hank and Barry (seen below) are very good players and I’ve got a lot to learn from them. Right now they can beat me up pretty good though. It’s much more fun for me to play with them than against them.


The last event of our week was the annual block party here in our complex. Just over a third of our neighbours were able to attend the party which has been held in our yard for many years starting long before we moved here. One of the reasons they like our place is that we have the biggest driveway to accommodate a large crowd. I’d spent a few days cleaning up the garage and removing some of the more unsightly items in it to make room for food tables. It’s the one time of the year that the garage is cleaned up so Sylvia thinks that’s a good thing.

In the morning while we were setting things up the weather started to change drastically and by 1:00 the rains came in with a vengeance. We received more rain that afternoon than we’ve seen all year. We had already decided that if the weather didn’t cooperate we’d clear out the furniture in our basement rec-room and hold the party inside with all the food out on our covered patio, so Plan B quickly went into action. By 3:00 the rains had stopped and so we decided that we could reset things and have the party on our back lawn, and it worked out great. People started arriving at 4:30 and we ended up with 35 people sitting and talking in our yard. When people started to pack up at around 9:00 the rains returned so I think that worked out just perfectly.

IMG_0059 IMG_0060

It continued to rain overnight which was good, but unfortunately our smoke detectors went off twice overnight at 12:30 and 3:30 for unknown reasons so we really didn’t get a good night’s sleep. It didn’t happen the next night, so we really have no idea what the issue was. That’s just a bit disconcerting, but hopefully it will clear itself up (or better yet, never happen again!).

And just to prove that we never have enough to do we decided to repaint the floor in our garage now that I’ve got it relatively cleaned up. We actually bought the paint for the floor last week with the intention of getting it done before our block party, but while we were washing the floor the finish started to bubble up in places. It turns out that there are 3 different coatings on the floor and the adhesion between them is not that good. We decided to strip the paint off the floor and start from scratch but that’s turning out to be a bit of a challenge.

With the multiple layers the stripper we bought is having a bit of a challenge lifting all the paint and when I got started on peeling the finish off it got more and more difficult as time passed. I’ll start again with smaller portions tomorrow and see if I can keep ahead of the product drying on the floor and hopefully make the process a bit easier. It’s still going to take a few days to do before we can put paint back on the floor.


By the time I got finished with the sections I could peel off, the rest turned back into solidly stuck paint. I’ll rethink the process tomorrow, and likely have to purchase some more stripper as I’m half-way through the jug, and only a third of the way through the floor. And now that we’re in the mood to paint we bought some for the walls as well. Like I said, we never seem to have enough to do.


5 responses to “This and That

  1. That was quite the crowd you had, glad the weather cooperated. You do seem to be managing to keep busy and fight off boredom!


  2. Congratulations on the bronze medal. I wonder if it is just too hot for you to be using that stripper on the garage floor. We want to strip the coatings off our patio but were told it had to be 25C or less or it would not work.

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  3. I’ll bet that fire was scary. We were evacuated and almost lost our home in the 2003 fires. Every time I smell that forest fire smell all the emotions come up again. I’m glad it was a small fire for you! Congratulations on the bronze medal and it looks like you had a great party:-)

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  4. Congrats on your medal, I’m glad to see you are keeping up the neighbourhood by feeding the deer.


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