Guess Who Stopped by for Dinner?

Just this week Sylvia and I were talking about how we didn’t see that much wildlife in our yard this year. The deer have been through, but have left most of our roses alone this past month as Bobbex sprayed on the plants seems to keep them away. There are bears in the vicinity, as we’ve seen signs and warnings that they are in the ravine behind us, but so far they have not ventured into the yard. With all our apples and pears picked early they seem to be learning that there’s no free lunch here and we’ve seen less and less activity every year.

Over the summer we’ve heard a few owls back in the bush behind us, but tonight just as it was turning dark Sylvia saw one fly up onto  a dead tree behind our home. He sat there for quite a while checking out the ravine for suitable dinner fare, and is still there as I write this. He’s sure a big one.IMG_0411



5 responses to “Guess Who Stopped by for Dinner?

  1. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Nice to see WHOOO else is visiting you this summer! What a treat! A good send off for Europe!


  2. What a beautiful sight … and fantastic picture!

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  3. Love to hear the owls at night. Don’t hear as many at the condo as we did at our house, unfortunately. So it’s always a treat the rare times we do hear them. But I have never been lucky enough to see one! Your pics are amazing & he is one beautiful bird!!


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