Day 4

Or is it only 3.5? The calendar says 4, but our internal clocks say it’s still the middle of the night. But when the sun is shining and there are tons of people on the street it’s hard to get our heads around the time on Sylvia wristwatch.

After getting to the Calgary airport st about 1:00 on Saturday we:

Waited at the airport for a couple of hours before boarding to Amsterdam.

Sat on the plane for over 8 hours as it flew across the Atlantic.

Tried to sleep (unsuccessfully) when it got dark even though it was only 7:00 on our clocks.

Ate constantly, as KLM never seems to stop serving food.

Watched a couple of movies each ( I wanted to wash my eyeballs with bleach after sitting through The Kingsmen )

Landed early, and feeling not too bad, in Amsterdam before hopping onto a short flight to Nice. (The feeling good part didn’t last)

Booked into our hotel and promptly took a nap.

Took an afternoon stroll along the waterfront and discovered the Old Town is filled with shops and restaurants, especially Gelato shops.

Discovered that Nice has quite a lot of Palm Trees, Cactus and even Century Plants. If wasn’t so lush and green, or situated on the ocean, so packed with people we might think we’re in Arizona. Ok, that’s a joke, it’s absolutely nothing like Arizona.

Went back to the hotel and had another involuntary nap.

Spent quite a bit of time trying to get the phone to work with hotel wifi so I could post some pictures with this (since this blog is picture deprived you can figure out for yourself how successful I was)

Tried to figure out where to have dinner even though it felt like we should be having breakfast.

Found a little place in among the multitude of restaurants and had a great meal.

Figured Out that 9 hours of time differential is no fun at all.              

Tried to get this posted before I fell asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I’m back! Tomorrow we have a 9:00 tour of Nice booked. It should be fun getting up for that.

As soon as I can I’ll post more pictures. Right now though, I’m going to have another nap.


7 responses to “Day 4

  1. Welcome to jet lag land.


  2. You’ll recover….and before long, you’ll be having the time of your life.


  3. Try ambien next time, works wonders to prevent jetlag 😉


  4. Bwahahaha I have never heard of a response like that before to a movie. Can I use that one. I’m sorry it was so offensive, but your response was hilarious. hahahaha Norma


  5. Hi Rod and Sylvia, Norma and I laughed for several minutes about your washing your eyes out with bleach comment. Absolutely hilarious. We feel that way sometimes too. David


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