Day 7

The biggest portion of our day today was spent on a bus transferring from Nice to Avignon to start our river cruise, so there is not much to show you today.  We did stop at a rest area where they had a display of local clay sculpture though, and it was intricate and detailed, showing scenes that recalled local history.


We did see a large number of old manor houses as well as new architecture on our travels, but nothing showed up well through the bus window.
We didn’t leave Nice until after lunch so we had one last chance to enjoy the local cuisine. This time we ate in the area called New Town. All the buildings here are newer than 200 years old, so that is what they use to qualify it as new. Being from western Canada, where hardly nothing exists that wasn’t built after 1900 makes it hard to relate to the age of this country.


Nice was inhabited in 500BC by the Phoenician empire, was taken over by the Greeks who named it after their god of Victory (we refer to her as Nike in English) and then controlled by the Roman Empire until about 600 AD. Since then it has been bouncing back and forth between the Italians, Huns and finally the French who annexed it after a vote by its citizens in 1860 of all things.
One thing we did learn during our time there is that the French Language is just as screwy as English. A toilette refers to a public washroom as you might expect. When a gentleman from one of the previous tours walked into a door marked Toilettage he was surprised to find himself in a Dog Grooming Parlour. At least they didn’t try and give him a Poodle cut before they sent him on his way.

So we reached the Viking cruise ship by about 5:30, 6:30 was an orientation meeting, followed by dinner at 7:15. By 10:00 we had to sign up for any optional tours, then we were done for the day.

On another note we heard some distressing news that a good friend had suffered a heart attack on Monday, but thankfully is expected to make a full recovery. While there isn’t much we can do for Him from here, we sure hope to see him Hale and Hearty real soon. Besides, we are quite certain he would make a miserable patient.


3 responses to “Day 7

  1. My high school French teacher used to spend a month or two in Nice every year. She rented a room downtown and immersed herself in the language and culture. She talked about it for days when school started. She said (to her) it was the most beautiful city in France.


  2. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Nicely done in Nice for first timers. Such History. Hard to fathom. If only the streets could talk. We Canadians live in such a young country by comparison. That’s why we think the Empress is so charmingly ancient. But, hey, long before my time.


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