We’re Home

So, after spending a couple of weeks seeing what we could of France, we flew away from Amsterdam just after noon. After losing most of a day flying to Europe, we chased the daylight back to Calgary and arrived an hour after we left. At least that’s what the clock said. Our minds on the other hand realized that it was rather late in the day, so we were looking forward to getting to the hotel and trying to get some sleep. By shortly after 2:00 we were laying down in our hotel room, and by 3:00 we were still just staring at each other wondering why we couldn’t sleep.

We finally gave up and went out to visit with our kids for a while. The visiting didn’t last that long, as we started to feel rather tired by early evening and finally called it a day. We found ourselves staring at the clock at 4 AM and feeling wide awake. We managed to doze off and on until about 6:00 and got up to start our day. The first thing on our to-do list was to find the largest cup of coffee I could find in the restaurant and inhale it. Then we were ready to start feeling human again. We visited with the rest of our Alberta family and began the drive back to Kelowna.


It was a terrific day for a drive, and the mountains were as clear and crisp as we’ve ever seen them.IMG_20150922_114839


It struck me as we were driving along that these mountains are about the only thing I can see in Western Canada that are at least as old as many of the buildings we saw in France. We live in a very young country, but certainly a very scenic and beautiful one. No wonder we see so many European tourists come here to visit, as it is so completely different from what they are used to.


We made it home in time for dinner and found our place in great shape. The deer and bears have been around, as our Blackberry bush has been chewed on a bit, and something rather large pushed over our Compost bin while we were away. Our roses survived our trip though, and probably look better than they have all summer. I gather the weather has been much cooler and wetter while we’ve been gone than anything we’ve seen all summer, and it’s definitely been good for our lawn and plants.


We did have one issue while we were away that the lady looking after our house dealt with. It seems that when I was pulling the power cords for our Hotwater recirculation pump and Water Softener just before we left, I also pulled the plug for our freezer. I am so happy that Richelle noticed it a day or so after we left, and nothing was ruined. I think I might have been ruined, or at least rather damaged when Sylvia got finished with me.

It’s now time to start cleaning up the yard for fall, and along with some more pickleball days that should keep us busy for the foreseeable future. I also hope to get through the 1500+ pictures I took on our trip and trim them down to a decent representation of our trip. Then I’ll put in an online album for you all to enjoy. You do want to enjoy them, don’t you????


9 responses to “We’re Home

  1. Welcome home Rod and Sylvia! Glad you had an awesome trip, and you made her home safe and sound.
    I’m also glad that you have a wonderful neighbor lady, for noticing the closer. That was a close one!




  3. OH I forgot…..welcome back!!!


  4. Glad to hear you are home safely after what appears to have been a wonderful trip. Always nice to find things looking great at home. Can’t believe your beautiful roses survived the deer!


  5. So glad that you had a wonderful trip. Photos are always good. I had visions of all the food you had frozen being wasted. Your neighbor deserves a bottle of wine.


  6. Lucky break on the freezer! We are looking forward to your photo’s.


  7. Awesome photos on your return drive back home. Our BC mountains do offer some of the very best scenics in the world. Having traveled the world, during my working life, I always cherished the area we live in here in Canada.

    Welcome home. And it looks like yours was a good European trip.

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  8. So glad you had such a great trip. Welcome home. Your pics of the mountains, and your beautiful roses, are fantastic, Rod!! Can’t wait to see more pics of your trip.


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