This Evening’s Entertainment

Just as we were heading into the kitchen to clean up our supper dishes Sylvia spotted a couple of bears just outside the fence behind our house. IMG_1460

They were hanging around one of the larger trees, and eventually climbed it.


They kept looking down into the ravine, so I figured Momma was down there and they were waiting for her. Sure enough she eventually wandered by, and then so did another Brown bear.


Momma took off running and chased the brown bear away so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it. She eventually returned and gathered up her brood before wandering of down into the ravine.


Way more entertaining than an eclipse of the moon, don’t you think?


8 responses to “This Evening’s Entertainment

  1. Yikes!! Good thing you have a fence between you and the ravine! Yeah right:)

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  2. Really Cool!


  3. OMG! Sure glad they didn’t all visit while I was helping myself to the kale! Great pics! Karen



  4. Most people see a bear but not you two, always over the top 🙂

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  5. What a great place to live!


  6. What a great opportunity. It must have been really wonderful seeing God’s creation up close and personal like that. You must get very excited to see what will come next. How exciting. Norma


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