Phoenix Concert Events

For those of you from Arizona who crave Cultural and Music events as much as we do I thought I’d share a bit of our short term plans for this coming season.

Sylvia and I have always enjoyed the concerts we’ve attended at the Musical Instrument Museum and have booked tickets already for Dec 9th to see Live from Laurel Canyon. You can see the details here, and they also have a bit of a video about the music that began the American Folk Rock industry. If you like (and remember) the music of Jackson Browne, the Byrds, Carole King, The Eagles and others you might like to check it out. We’ve already booked tickets in Row E for the late show on the 9th as the early show is all but sold out. They even have a Bluegrass group booked for Dec 10th (are you listening F and P?).

They will fill in their concert list for the rest of the winter soon and we’ll likely take in at least one more show as they usually bring in a Canadian act or two. (Bruce Cockburn is there this week).

Now if I can only get out of here without having to shovel the driveway too many times, all will be good.


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