That was easy, sort of.

We managed to get away at the crack of 11:00 this morning. We didn’t intend to leave early, as we weren’t going too far, and wanted to give the highway a chance to get cleared off before we left.
As I said yesterday, we had 3 routes to choose from, the high mountain pass, the longer, slightly lower mountain pass and the much longer lower Fraser Canyon route. I checked the highway webcams just before we left and saw that there were lots of trucks on the high pass, and figured if they could make it, so could I.


So, off we went over the Okanagan connector, and by the time we’d driven for 20 minutes we were on packed snow with very few patches of pavement to be seen. We also saw very few vehicles, and I started to wonder if I’d been watching the wrong webcam.


Eventually we caught up to a couple of semi-trucks labouring up the climb. One of them was fully chained up, and I chalked it up to him being from Alberta, as the driving wasn’t too bad. On the way down from the summit we were passed by a couple more semi’s, obliviously not from Alberta, as they were flying. It was a bit slippery in places, but quite manageable actually.


All in all we were in the snow for a little more than an hour, and once we got close to Merritt, the road cleared off completely, and we had clear sailing over the Coquihalla. Just what the doctor ordered. A trip that usually takes us just over 3 hours in a car took just under 4.5 hours with the trailer in the snow, and I think that’s pretty good time. We did end up with a very dirty rig though. I will have to see what I can do about that when we reach someplace warm.
As you can see from the pictures, it was another pretty day in BC. Only that white stuff piled up on the side of the road, and the temps below freezing makes us want to leave.
So we are here visiting Sylvia’s folks, and getting some things done at both of their places before we head south, likely next Tuesday.


6 responses to “That was easy, sort of.

  1. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Ahhh … a little winter wonderland. Nice for the eyes but not for the drive. Thanking the Lord that you got thru safe and sound. Now enjoy these days with your folks. No snow here on the coast for sure. Island had crisp bright blue skies today tho …. smell snow in the air?? Nah!

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  2. I actually miss driving in the snow. Did I just say that? Yes, I actually do. One of the drives I most enjoyed in the winter was from Terrace to Stewart, BC
    (in a four wheel drive of course).

    No snow don here so head south soon!


  3. We are glad you made it to the coast safely 😊

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  4. Praise the Lord God for His protection and driving mercies. You’re in my prayers. Even I think that going someplace warm would be a good idea once in a while….. brrrr….. xo Norma


  5. It is always nice to see beautiful winter scenes when one is sitting on a Hawaiian beach or in the deserts of southern Arizona and California. glad you had a reasonably good trip to the coast.

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  6. You were very lucky. We won’t do that road in those conditions. Too much damage from the rocks thrown up by passing semis. Now you can relax before the next leg.


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