We’re Outta Here!

The weather here is clear, but cold. The various routes we have to chose from are free of fresh snow, although the Coquihalla has compact snow with slippery sections. 

The trailer is all but finished being loaded, and the house is almost buttoned up for the winter. Things have gone as smooth as we can expect, we’re hitting the road while we can!

Even the deer showed up to say goodbye, and good riddance!



9 responses to “We’re Outta Here!

  1. Wishing you safe travels. Enjoy your winter escape:)


  2. Figures crossed fro you, not great traveling conditions. We do take the Fraser Canyon route but I can see how much further it would be for you due to location at both ends of the journey. Please let us know how you managed.

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  3. drive safe, it has cooled down to 77 today tee off at 2 pm dave

    *Kottage Kountry**Dave *

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  4. Beautiful pic. Be safe!



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  5. Safe travels, your spot in CV awaits you!


  6. Travel safe!! Leave the cold behind


  7. Brian & Kathy Driver

    What a grand start … leaving in snowy conditions. What a even bigger treat to get to the warm sunshine of the desert …. daytime at least (You hope). At least you are not still in Paris right now. Blessed times are ahead of you. Have a super time with Vanc parents, Sylvia. You two bring such joy their way!


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