Christmas Wishes

When Sylvia and I retired, and then started to travel, we prepared a business style card with our contact information on it to give to new friends we would meet along the way. On the bottom of our card we added a verse from Genesis 24:12 which says, ‘Oh Lord…help us to accomplish the purpose of our journey’. Our prayer has always been that where ever we go, and whatever we do, God would go before us and lead the way.

As we reflect on this Christmas season, and think of our dear family and friends, we know that each one of us is on a journey.  What we hope is that wherever your journey is taking you, you will find Jesus Christ as a shining light, leading the way to hope and life and love. So our Christmas wish for you is, that Christ would shine His love and grace into your lives this joyous season and where ever your journey takes you through the New Year.


2 responses to “Christmas Wishes

  1. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Beautiful message, Rod & Sylvia. That says it all in a world where everyone is looking for love, acceptance, peace, and hope. Jesus is truly the answer. Thanks for sharing that with us all.
    Merry Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Christ, with the joy of giving to others.


  2. Thanks. A Merry Christmas to you two, too.


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