Catching Up

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we put up a post, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been too busy, or too boring to sit down and write. Just unmotivated I guess.

Our last post was just before New Years, and we went out and attended the party here in the park, sharing a table with 14 of our friends. We had fun, but in all honesty, the food and the band weren’t as good as we’ve experienced here in past years.

The guys lined up for a Mug Shot, but the ladies looked much better than we did in our tiny little hats.

Sylvia managed to look like a Million Bucks again.

The days following New Years were very wet and very cold here in the Desert. Over 4 days we received over 3 inches of rain, and over the whole week we received almost an inch more. That’s far more than we’ve seen any other year we’ve been here. It meant several indoor days, and included a trip to a local theatre to see the new Star Wars movie. We only attend one or two movies a year, but always are willing to see the latest blockbuster that comes out over Christmas. We enjoyed it, and went with Bill and Kay who had never seen any of the previous 6 movies and they enjoyed it as well.

All the rain and cold washed out the Softball and Hiking activities last week, and we only managed to get out for one day of pickleball between rainy days. As it was quite cold when we started out we were the only folks there. As soon as people started hearing us bang the ball back and forth they did start to arrive to join us. Although people wandering by in their hats and gloves thought we were either nuts or Canadians to be out in the cold in shorts and T-shirts. All the rain and clouds did make for some nice sunsets though.

In the midst of all the rain we celebrated a Milestone Birthday for Sylvia. She was surprised by our friends getting her a cake at the Happy Hour party here on her Birthday. Here is Sylvia wielding a knife as she is about to attach (cut) the cake.

After the Happy Hour was over I made reservations for 8 of our friends to join us for dinner at our favourite Mexican Restaurant. We had a great night, but unfortunately Sylvia was starting to feel a bit queasy after eating a packaged soup for lunch that was not sitting well by the afternoon.   So she ended up losing her dinner and cake  not long after we got home. Not such a fun way to end a wonderful evening celebrating her 60th.

As the weather warmed up over the weekend things started to get back in gear here and the Saturday Round Robin pickleball group had over 60 participants. Both Sylvia and I did OK, and it was great to see so many people out enjoying themselves.

On Monday we finally got a chance to play softball, and our team did well, winning both games. The first was a laugher as we won 25-9, but we were trailing the second 11-1 before we woke up and came back to win 13-12. I did manage to provide some entertainment during the first game as I tripped over Home Plate while running at full speed and managed to stop myself quite quickly by falling head first into the boards at the base of the backstop. Fortunately Sylvia wasn’t there to witness the event, but I did have lots of nurses to look after me.

Surprisingly I didn’t break anything, but I won’t look too pretty for a little while. The Black Eye is quite a match for the colour of our Ball hats, don’t you think?

I don’t think I’m going to be shaving for a few days at least. It’s also a good thing that there aren’t any small children here as I might scare them.

It hasn’t slowed me down though as I played Pickleball today and we’re heading out on a 9 mile hike tomorrow. Pictures (but not of me) to follow.


7 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Happy Birthday to Sylvia although that was a crappy end to the day 😦 Unfortunately the pictures of your softball injuries didn’t show up on my computer but it sounds like you look pretty scary! Yuma also received a lot of rain which we fortunately missed, but you can see the evidence along the vegetable fields where many trucks had to be pulled out of the fields.


  2. Hmmmm. I can see the pics on my laptop, and Ipad, but not on my phone. WordPress behaves strangely sometimes.


  3. Happy 60th birthday, Sylvia. What an awful way to end the evening though. Trust you are feeling great, once again.

    And Rod, I hope your healing is quick too. It sounds like that was one nasty fall….or…..a drastic face plant.

    FYI: I could not see any photos on your blog.


  4. I agree with Jeanette, I can’t see the pictures either, except for the one of beautiful Sylvia.
    It sounds like you both have had a very full few weeks. May God heal you quickly Rod. … but I would really like to see the pictures… how can I tease you about going through a meat grinder or something if I don’t know what you looked like. 😀
    Blessings to you both,


  5. Ouch! Almost glad the photos did not show (except for Sylvia and the ladies). Different format?


  6. I want to see the photos…..only got the one of the ladies. Hope you are healing Rod.


  7. No pics came thru here also Rod. Happy Birthday Sylvia


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