Box Canyon Hike

After waking up to a very pretty sunrise we packed up all the necessary gear and headed out with 37 other members of the hiking club to the Box Canyon hike. This entails a bit of a drive, as we have to travel 30 miles south to Florence and then head about 15 miles east on an increasingly rough dirt road to reach the starting point. The last 15 miles take more than twice as long as the first 30, and by the time we stop everyone needs to find a place to pee, as we’d all had our bladders shook down almost to our knees. The ride was so rough that Sylvia’s new Activity Tracking device registered her taking a few thousand steps before we even arrived at the trail head.

Box Canyon is a relatively short hike of about 6 miles and doesn’t have a lot of elevation involved, but is one of our favourites. We have to travel through some very colourful terrain, and end up walking down a narrow slot canyon that must be a difficult place to be when the rains fill the valley.


The nice weather we have come to expect here in Arizona has returned, and while it was cool in the shade in the morning, it was about 75°F by the time we finished up almost three and a half hours later.


Walking in and out of the shade kept several of us in jackets and long sleeves, but it was pretty pleasant weather.


The first portion of the hike is up a Jeep / ATV road that I’ve been told was once a stagecoach route between Globe and Florence. I don’t know if that’s true, or if somebody was trying to pull the leg of the gullible Canuck in the crowd, but if it was a stagecoach route it must have been quite the rough ride in a wooden wheeled coach.


We even found some local wildlife, although we were more interested in hopefully seeing the Bighorn Sheep which inhabit the area. No luck with that unfortunately.


I never do get tired of seeing the sights anywhere we go.


Our Neighbours in Kelowna would pay good money for these grasses which thrive anywhere near water down here.


Still on one of the ATV routes we stopped for a bit of a snack. Over the first portion of the hike we saw one jeep and 5 or 6 ATV’s but as the weather has been fairly wet, and the humidity unseasonably high it wasn’t dusty at all.


On the last portion of the hike down the slot canyon I was privileged to hike with the self proclaimed ‘Wild Women of the Wilderness’. Sylvia, Donna and Debbie make quite a formidable club, don’t you think.


Looking back up the slot canyon shows just how special things look here. To get down the route we had to slide down several boulders, and hop over a lot of rocks. Unfortunately one of our members fell in one of the sections and severally dislocated his finger. The bone ripped through the skin, so needless to say he wasn’t very comfortable for the rest of the trip.


We passed a couple of piles of bones from cattle that didn’t make it out of the canyon.

By 1:00 we were finished the hike and looking for a place for lunch. Unfortunately we had almost an hour drive back down the dirt road before we reached the somewhat civilized town of Florence and gorged ourselves on Greek food at a local restaurant.


On our way out Debbie spotted this arch. Maybe next time we’ll try and find a way to get there and explore it. It should make for some interesting pictures.

In other news, we’ve been pleased to have Rene and Jeanette of RV Voyageur arrive in our park for a short visit. We haven’t seen a lot of them, as they’re just as busy here as we are with different activities, but if you want an interesting read on how a winter getaway should NOT start, click on his blog link above.

We’ve also been involved in Softball and Pickleball as usual, and things are going well on both fronts for us. The softball team is undefeated, I ended up second in  the latest round robin I entered, and the ladies in charge of the Women’s round robin have bumped Sylvia up to play with the better players and she’s holding her own. The most surprising event we’ve gotten involved in this year is ballroom dancing lessons. I am slowly but surely losing my reputation for having two left feet. Very slowly. It’s fun though, but don’t tell Sylvia I said that.

Another annual event here is to try and dodge the various colds and flu that run rampant here every year. So far Sylvia and I have managed to stay healthy, and hopefully that will continue as we’re heading back to BC for a few days at the end of the month. More on that later.

That’s about it from Geezer Camp.


6 responses to “Box Canyon Hike

  1. Just talked to Laurie online — Larrys’ finger was in fact just dislocated, not broken. Six stitches, and advised to visit “hand doc” just to make sure all OK.


  2. Sounds like a great hike and the pictures are beautiful. I hear there is still snow at home so dress warmly 😊


  3. There’s something so adventurous-sounding about a box canyon. Photos are great!

    Liked by 1 person

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