Time To Do The DD Death March

This Wednesday the hiking club’s destination was LaBarge Narrows. There are longer hikes in our list of places to go around Gold Canyon, but this is definitely one of the longer hikes that the regular members of the club attempt at around 12 miles. There is a small group of very capable hikers called the Challenge Group who tackle a longer and more difficult trek called The Ridgeline, but 12 miles is plenty far enough for us.

All together we had 25 hardy souls signed up to head to the Narrows, which is a larger group than normal for this hike. Many of us had been there before, at least once, and before we were done we were jokingly asking ourselves why we consented to go again.

The weather was just about perfect for this hike, cool in the morning, with the temps only reaching into the mid 60’s by the time we were done. Last year when we went it was considerably warmer, although the day was overcast then. As you can see we didn’t have any clouds to deal with today.



Sylvia was in a good mood, at least to start the hike. I really didn’t take a lot of pictures today because I knew it was going to be a long hike without standing around and holding up the procession.  As with most of the trails we use, the path is mostly a single track so anytime we stop for pics everyone behind us has to stop. When we pass by hikers going the opposite direction (and we saw a remarkably large number this time – 10 Smile) we all have to to step off the track and stop while we pass each other.


This is the back side of Battleship Mountain that we normally look up to. Way up. At this point we were at the highest part of the hike.


From Battleship we had a great view down to see the rock wall above LaBarge Narrows.


A little more than 3 hours after we started we stopped for lunch in LaBarge Narrows where several hikers doffed their boots and cooled off in the flowing stream. There was much more water there than we saw last year, and one of the pools was definitely big enough and deep enough to swim in.


These large boulders stop us from exploring further up the canyon, but it sure is tempting to wander further in.


Kelly and Kathy stopped to pose next to The Watcher. At least that’s what I call this boulder.


There were varying estimates on the height of the canyon walls, but it’s gotta be 200 feet or more.


All too soon it was time to head out of the canyon and wander home. Who says the desert is always dry and barren?


This is the aptly named Boulder Creek which we needed to cross at least 6 times each direction, and I didn’t hear any reports of wet feet this trip as there were lots of boulders to choose from when we needed to cross. Last year when we were here the creek was bone dry.


Part way back we ran across this fella sitting in a tree not 10 feet off the trail. He or she was not the least bit bothered by our presence and picture taking. From the tip of it’s tail to the top of it’s head must have been 24 inches or so.



After 7 hours, about 12 miles and some 1200 feet of elevation we found ourselves back at the vehicles where a very kind friend had left a cooler of ice cold adult beverages in the box of my truck. I made some friends as I passed a couple of cans around to the group we were with. Thanks D and D.

Earlier this week I went on a boys day out to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction held each year in Scottsdale. I’ve never been before but Kelly goes almost every year, as he is a real car guy and has rebuilt several nice vehicles over the years. We certainly didn’t manage to see all the cars up for auction, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many vintage Corvettes, Mustangs or Bel-Airs in my entire life as I saw in this one day.


Back in the day I owned a 67 Olds Cutlass much like this one and have always wondered what it would be like to have another one. This 442 Convertible ended up selling for $26K US. Not that expensive if you ask me.


We all thought this would be a great car for Sylvia. It’s only about 3 feet high, and it would probably be easier to un zip the top and climb in rather than trying to crawl in through the rather compact doors.


I also used to own a 66 Mustang, but it certainly wasn’t as pretty as this one.


I’ve also always liked the SEL series of Mercedes. Probably out of my league though.1453851826194

There’s a company in Washington that’s taking new Corvettes and making them look like the old ones. This particular model is selling for $180K. Far outside of my league.


I thought it was funny to see this Porsche 918 Spyder sitting in Arizona with Saskatchewan plates. There are no roads in Saskatchewan that I think would be any fun at all to drive this car on.

This weekend we are flying back to BC to celebrate Sylvia’s Mom’s 80th birthday. While it will be nice to see her and the rest of the family we’ve invited to the party I think we’ll be ready to head back to the sunshine and warmth of Arizona when we’re done.


4 responses to “Time To Do The DD Death March

  1. Beautiful hike. I can see the attraction to heading there, albeit the difficulty.

    Have fun at the BC birthday party…..and we understand your desire to return to southern Arizona, as quickly as possible.


  2. Great pictures, but I love the owl pic the best. Hubby will be so jealous to hear you went to Barrett Jackson! Have fun at the coast 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful photos of LeBarge. I am really missing these rigorous hikes! Gotta get this leg fixed! I also enjoyed the car photos. I would enjoy making that little adventure some time too.
    Have a safe trip and enjoyable weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really am missing the hikes and Sunday bike ride. I’ll be spending lots more time in Yuma as I try to get exhubby’s ‘estate’ disolved. I’m looking forward to next year. Thanks So much for photos and lovely story. Hike on!! Boni


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