Five Days Back in BC

Last Friday we flew back to BC for a couple of reasons. The first and most important was to celebrate Sylvia’s Mom’s 80th birthday. The second reason was to remind us why we don’t spend any time at all in Canada during the winter.

The weather was actually quite decent for late January and as long as you enjoy high humidity, little sunshine and lots of rain it was just about perfect. For once this blog will not have lots of pictures of blue skies and people in shorts and T-shirts. I’ll bet you’re all pleased.

Sylvia had made arrangements for party platters before we left Arizona, but we still had some food and supplies to purchase for the party on Sunday, so Saturday was a busy time. We also needed to pick up our son from the local airport and he was a real help to us getting things ready for the party. Over the course of the next day he got a real interesting viewpoint on what his parents might look and act like in 20 years or so. It was an enlightening experience for him, and he told us he would still love us in 20 years, although he would prefer to do it from a distance. A long, long distance. Old people are strange.

We ended up with 17 guests in Mom’s condo and enough food to feed an army. So left overs were sent home with many guests. It looked like every one was having a great time, and Mom was overjoyed with all the attention.


The Birthday Girl. 80 never looked so good.


Lydia’s Sister Margaret and brother-in-law Ervin.


Lydia’s brother Tony and his wife Tessie. The picture in Tessie’s hand is from the Alaska cruise that Sylvia took with her Mom on for her 75th Birthday. Tessie thought that Sylvia looked like Tony’s daughter Tracy.


Jesse, Betty and Ray, Sylvia’s much younger brother (well only 11 months younger than Sylvia). Jesse, Ray’s son is growing his hair to donate for wigs for cancer. I think Ray was trying to convince us that he’s already donated his.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mom smile so much.


Like Mother, like Daughter.


The balloons we bought her will last for a couple of months. Maybe I’ll have to take them home this spring for my birthday.


Sylvia wrote a very nice poem for her Mom that caused her to get a bit teary.


Ray and his wife Betty sang a couple of songs for the occasion. Very nicely done.  Mom was very impressed! She had never seen Ray & Betty perform  live before.


Lydia’s Birthday Performance


Noreen, the wife of Lydia’s Nephew Don, made a wonderful cake for the occasion. It was large enough that I got to eat several pieces over the next few days.


One last family shot. By now everyone was tired but happy. It was a wonderful day!

The rest of our trip was spent cleaning up Lydia’s condo and visiting with Sylvia’s Dad and his wife Joan for a short while. We flew back to Phoenix on Wednesday, and while it is rather cool here now, it’s supposed to be getting into the 80’s by Monday. Can’t hardly wait.


6 responses to “Five Days Back in BC

  1. Wow Sylvia’s mom looks fantastic for 80! I’m still getting a lot of flack for the snow I ordered for our visit home at Christmas. Family and friends are a little annoyed that I went back to the sun and they are still dealing with the snow 😊 Glad to hear you had a good time on the coast and here’s to warmer weather in the south!

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures, the video of Ray & Betty is very SWEET! Thank you for your blog!!!


  3. Looks like a great birthday party, I’m sure your Mom really appreciate d it. 🎉🎉


  4. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Sylvia …. what an awesome blessing for your sweet Mom. You really blessed her. She looked wonderful. In fact, both her and her daughter! 🙂 Nice to see your brother and hear his gift to Mom. Such a special party, heaping so much love on her. Thanks for sharing the pix.


  5. Thanks for sharing this – love all the pics.

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  6. My goodness, I hope I look as beautiful and am as together when I turn 80 years old. 🙂


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