Catching Up

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a detailed post of our activities here in Arizona, but I must ask your indulgence, as we’ve been busy (like that excuse has never been used before).

Just after we arrived back from BC we learned that one of our friends here was heading home due to an abnormality discovered in one of his lungs during an examination he underwent after contracting pneumonia. Late last week Bruce and Sonja returned to Saskatchewan and within 48 hours of them arriving home he’d seen his doc, gotten a CT scan and a chest X-ray, and heard back from his Doctor that all was well, and nothing was noticeable in any of the scans. Good news, but unfortunately they now have to spend the rest of the winter in Saskatchewan. So I guess it’s good news/bad news. And for anyone who says that the Canadian Medical System is deficient I beg to differ. When you need help, you can get it in a hurry.

Just before they left to head north we were pleased to be invited to their place for dinner (they had to get rid of a lot of food in a hurry after all, and I can always eat my share). It was a great night, and we’ll miss them for the rest of the season.


Being away in BC didn’t affect my softball season, as the games scheduled while we were away were rained out. That meant we had a make-up day just after we returned. We won both of the games, and at that point were undefeated this season. The following Monday we played the same team and they spanked us both games to tie us for the lead in our league. The next Monday we again won both our games and have pulled ahead in the standings with only 4 games left in the schedule. As the first games of the season were also rained out we will be making them up on February 29th and then having the season wrap up tournament on March 14th. That’s by far the latest I’ve ever played ball down here, but as the temperatures have started to spike sharply warmer we might not be hiking that much in March anyway. 

Also shortly after we arrived back we went to a Super Bowl party at Dana and Debbie’s. As they are diehard Denver Broncos fans it was a very happy group at the end of the night. Sylvia and I even managed to find appropriate team gear before the event as we were afraid we wouldn’t be welcome if we weren’t dressed in Orange and Blue.Superbowl

We followed up that sports event with a trip to Westgate in Glendale to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the Arizona Coyotes. As we’ve been going to Canuck games almost every year over the past 6 winters and have never seen the Canucks win a game we weren’t very hopeful that we’d see anything different this year. Well, weren’t we pleasantly surprised when the ‘Nucks actually pulled out a win, and looked pretty good doing it. Speaking of looking good, so does Sylvia in her favourite team’s Jersey.


Last week our park hosted the Cal-Am Pickleball Tournament and while we didn’t play in the tournament, we both volunteered for the event. I ended up being a referee for several games over the two day event, and Sylvia was a general Go-fer and helped out when and where required. Only one team from our park ended up winning a medal as Liz and Bronagh took home a Bronze in Ladies Pairs. In this picture they’re the two young looking ones in the middle.Cal Am Team

And then there was the Canada Potluck dinner here in the park. It’s an annual event and this time I took a picture and sent it to the Canada AM show where they show various Canadian Flag pictures every morning. I was quite surprised when they posted my pic.


The only regular item missing from the past few weeks has been our outings with the hiking club. Due to commitments such as Pickleball, Softball and Hockey we’ve not been able to get away on hiking days. That changed on Wednesday when we took a small group out to the Barnhardt trail in search of a waterfall, that we’ve gone to a couple of times over the years, with no real glimpse of water. We chose this hike as it’s location is at a higher and cooler elevation. Gold Canyon was supposed to reach 92F on Wednesday so any relief was going to be welcome. As it was, we started the hike above 4000’ and over almost 4 miles climbed another 1600 feet to reach the waterfall. If you look at the previous post you’ve seen some of the pictures, but here’s a few more. We chose this hike instead of the regular hike with the club due to scheduling issues in the next couple of weeks. Some of us didn’t want to miss the chance to see this spot even though we figured we might see some snow due to it’s high elevation.


And we did, and yes there was a lot more than what I’ve shown here. Coming back down the trail was a bit dicey in places as it was very slick.


Our hiking group consisted of Dana and Debbie:


Kelly and Kathy:


and Barry and Judy. It was a great day of hiking and spectacular scenery.


On top of seeing a relatively huge amount of water coming down the falls we were just in time to see a couple of fellas rappelling down the waterfall. When they got to the bottom we gave them a round of applause in appreciation of the great show. One of the climbers was rather pleased as they usually don’t have an audience.


On the way back to the truck we had different lighting to view the creek and hillsides. It was a great day of hiking with great company.


Just as we were driving back to the highway we spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree. It didn’t stay put long enough to catch a decent picture but we did manage to capture it in flight.


We finished off the day having an early supper at Saguaro Lake. We hung around long enough to catch the setting Sun lighting up Sunset Cliffs.


So that’s it for the last couple of weeks. For the next 2 weeks we’re looking at pretty nice temps, although it’s returning to normal by the week after next. Still pretty nice though.

Fullscreen capture 2016-02-18 73745 PM.bmp


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Nicely done. The falls looked like a great place to be on a hot arizona day!


  2. Great Blog! Happy for your friend from Sask! Gorgeous scenic photos…and nice shot of Sylvia in jersey! Keep having fun and sharing about it…love you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great hiking pics – what amazing scenery you have there to hike through.


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