Oh No, I Did It Again

There could have been several titles to this blog:

Turning the Other Cheek

I’m Running Out of Cheeks

What Was I Thinking

Time To Take Up Non-Contact Sports

Yes, I’m A Klutz

Will I Ever Learn

etc, etc.

Very early in the first softball game this afternoon I had a Line Drive hit to me at my position of Rover in the outfield. I was in perfect position, I bent down a bit to make sure I made the catch, and then let the ball fly right over my glove where it was stopped in a hurry……by my face. And this time it was the opposite cheek from the previous incident.

I sat there for a few seconds trying to figure out whether my teeth were still all there. Once I determined that all the Chiclet’s were in place and functioning somewhat normally I walked off the field and started looking for an Ice Pack. I’ve really had a tough time playing ball this year, but at least I have matching marks and very shortly will have another black eye to match the one from last month. Just in time to head out to a dinner and play on Wednesday I’m sure.

This time Sylvia was there to witness the event, and she looked after me really well, including making a very soft dinner later, as it does hurt to chew.

Well I’ve put it off long enough, here’s the result of my latest incident.


And here’s what it looked like in the mirror later when it started to swell a bit. Pretty.


Next year tiddly winks or billiards, I promise. (but I’m probably not telling the truth, am I)


12 responses to “Oh No, I Did It Again

  1. OMG! That is terrible! Stick to Pickleball and those nice light non destructive balls. K&H



  2. Ouch! Good job! Glad your “Nurse” is taking care of you! (Remember “heads up”, not “down” in a ball game!


  3. Rene & Jeanette Genereux

    Sheesh! I guess table tennis (ping pong), shuffleboard, 8 ball, snooker, and maybe a bit of badminton is in order.

    Just kidding!!! You are just having a bad year. I figure your next season will be injury free. Glad to learn that the chick lets stayed in place and that no bones were broken.

    Heal well.


  4. Ouch, that must hurt pretty good. I hope you have a face left after you finish playing that ruff game.

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  5. Yikes! Maybe cards should be an option:)

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  6. You are definitely a sucker for punishment, not learning your lesson the first time…..I can just hear Sylvia now…..Thankfully she and the Lord are on your side!

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  7. you need one of those full head helmets!

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  8. You really should treat yourself better!


  9. Leading with the chin again, Rod?


  10. the way I see it….you have two cheeks left …..ha ha ha


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