I Survived the Pre-Birthday Party

On Friday we engaged in another of our new traditions here in Arizona. Earlier this winter we got together a small dinner party with Deb, Dana, Jim and Cheryl, and Sylvia and I made dinner for everyone using D and D’s kitchen. It was a great time, and it was a treat to use a real, large kitchen to cook in, as we couldn’t accomplish this type of event in the modest kitchen in our RV. Plans were made to do this again before we all left, and we finally found a spot in our various schedules that worked for everyone.

We decided on Pad Thai for the entree this time, and for the life of me, I couldn’t find the recipe I use at home. I ended up finding a suitable substitute, and then we had the challenge of finding all the necessary ingredients. Asian food isn’t a big seller in the East Valley of Phoenix, and we did have some driving to do, but ended up finding most of what we needed. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the dish, as it wasn’t as spicy as I had hoped, but it did have good flavour.

After dinner we were all sitting around outside watching the stars go by when they surprised me with an ice cream cake with candles to celebrate my birthday. As it was exactly a month before my big day, it gave me a chance to practice blowing out a candle and eating cake. I’m a firm believer in practicing that type of activity, especially the eating part.


Another great time with great friends. Now if only we’d taken more pictures!


4 responses to “I Survived the Pre-Birthday Party

  1. Hope you had a great birthday party, Rod. I thought you are a young ‘un I but I didn’t know you are just a lid! Kent


  2. Happy Birthday – a month early!! Better than being late 🙂


  3. Happy, one month early, birthday 😊


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