The Party is Over

I know there are some of you who might think that our entire lifestyle is one never ending party (and you might not be all that wrong) but today marked the day we departed our winter home in Arizona. We’ve had another great year with many old friends and some new ones, enjoying the pickleball, hiking, cultural outings, and even the dancing we’ve had a chance to do. And, we even managed to survive several Birthday parties this year including one last week set up for the 4 of us turning 60 this year. 

It turned out that Sylvia and I were the only ones to show up and celebrate the milestone as Paula was ill, and Kathy went home to Ontario too early. There were quite a few folks at the party surprised that anyone in the park hadn’t hit that particular milestone yet. Rest assured there are a few of our friends who have yet to experience their 60th, and we look forward to them feeling as old as us in the not too distant future.

We finished off our time in the south in great style, heading out to one last play (The Andrews Brothers) with the group from the park, preceeded by a great dinner along with Mike and Judy. Watching 3 guys dressed in drag fill in for the missing Andrews Sisters while fighting with high heels and wigs was an absolute hoot.

Our trip home includes a visit with Sylvia’s folks, so we needed to get quite a few miles in today, and made it all the way to Caliente, Nevada. It was almost 500 miles and when we parked the RV I told Sylvia to feed me, burp me, and send me to bed as I’m bagged. Tomorrow will be almost as much mileage as we want to get somewhere near Boise, Idaho to make the last 2 days somewhat shorter. We’ll let you know if we get there.


4 responses to “ The Party is Over

  1. Happy Birthday and safe travels you two!




  2. Continued safe travels, you hard diving duo…..


  3. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Happy travels … if it’s not all a big blur 🙂 We leave PS on Wed, heading thru Utah for a couple of weeks to see their grand scenery. Wondering if we can survive the cooler weather after mid 30’s (90’s) here this week. Glad you’ve had a fab snowbird winter. We too. Back to mowing the lawns 😦


  4. Heading home – not all bad!


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