Mountain Home RV Park, Idaho

After another 469 miles today we arrived at an RV park recommended to us as a great place to park for a night. They are in the midst of paving a couple of their roads, so several sites are unavailable, and we just managed to squeeze into one of their few available spots. It is a great spot though, with just enough separation from the Interstate and the train tracks to be quiet. Now if we could just do something about the winds. And they even have cable, so I was able to satisfy Sylvia’s Dancing with the Stars obsession.

It seems that everytime we are going through Idaho we are battling a severe headwind, and today was no different. We started to notice a crosswind picking up in the early after as we drove north through Nevada, but by the time we turned west at Twin Falls we were in a gale. Tumbleweeds were rambling across the road, including one rather large one that planted itself on the grill of the truck for a couple of miles. When it hit the truck it really surprised Sylvia as she was looking out the side window for wildlife. The winds were so strong that I couldn’t keep the truck in top gear and maintain speed. In Idaho the max speed on the Interstate is 80 mph, and l did my best to try and keep the rig at 70. It really did a number of our fuel mileage today.

The day was fairly warm for the most part, with temps in the mid 60’s for much of our travels. It did cool off to the mid 40’s in one of the high passes in Nevada, and we did see some patches of snow still hanging on despite the best efforts of the sun. We did wimp out and wore jeans and jackets today, as we’re not used to much below the mid 80’s right now. 

This was taken when we stopped for lunch. The snow isn’t too far up the hillsides.


Tomorrow we’ll be somewhere in Washington, either Yakima or Ellensberg are likely stopping points. We’ll let you know.


3 responses to “Mountain Home RV Park, Idaho

  1. Sorry about the winds 😱


  2. Everyone seems to be running into wind on their way home, hope it dies down when we leave. Our RV park of choice in Mountain Home is the Walmart!


  3. The wind is a bummer, but it sounds like you are having better weather than we did on the way home … you were smart to wait until April 🙂 We wish you safe travels!

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