A Renovation Project

A month or so ago our Son sent us a couple of pictures of a wall he’d covered in stone while doing a renovation project of his own. Sylvia saw these pics and immediately figured that this type of wall would look good covering our fireplace. When we were in Calgary a month or so ago we saw the wall in person and I knew I was in trouble and had added an additional item to the Honey-Do list. Sylvia’s people immediately figured out the costs and labour involved in re-facing our fireplace, multiplied everything by two and started to plan the process.

This weekend we decided to accomplish a couple of things. Our son came here to play doubles Pickleball in the National Tournament here in Kelowna and brought along the necessary tools and several hundred pounds of stone tile with him, all bought at contractor’s prices which was a bonus.

After getting our A$$ets handed to us on the pickleball courts (no medals in the family this year) we woke up early this morning and decided we’d at least attempt to accomplish something this weekend that we were proud of.

Here’s the before:


Sylvia really didn’t like the black tile.

Here’s the result of the demolition phase that I accomplished a week or so ago before the grandkids arrived for a visit:IMG_2605

Here’s the partially completed wall:IMG_2611

And here’s the finished project, which just requires the purchase of a new stone hearth and the reinstallation of the fireplace glass:IMG_2615

We really pushed hard to get this done in one day, and finished in just over 6 hours. It was great doing this with my son, and if he hadn’t been here I would still be at it next month.

Tomorrow the grandkids arrive for a couple of days and there won’t be any time to spare. Tuesday afternoon we start packing the RV and on Friday we’re off and heading to Colorado for a holiday. As they say, ‘Details to Follow’.


7 responses to “A Renovation Project

  1. Looks really nice!!


  2. Nice work. The change is quite stunning.

    Enjoy the Colorado trip..


  3. Wow! The fireplace looks great! I did t know you were sooooo handy! Do you do drywall too? Chuckles. If you ever get bored. Ha! Not likely! Have a great holiday in Colorado! Karen



  4. The fireplace looks great! Colorado sounds like fun as well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love it. Great idea Sylvia. I bet it changes the entire look of the room.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Looks gorgeous! Nice job! Have a great time in Colorado!


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