The Hills Are Alive

On our second day in Crested Butte we were taken to another of Deb and Dana’s favourite spots. Scarp Ridge is just over a 6 mile hike with ‘Only’ 1300 feet of elevation gain, topping out at ‘only’ 11872 feet. The road that took us there was challenging to say the least, and Sylvia wasn’t sure that Dana’s truck could handle the rough trip. I think she was more concerned that she couldn’t handle it, as bouncing around in a truck is not her idea of a good time. It must be a guy thing, as I enjoyed myself. It reminded me of driving to various radio sites on the Island. Of course I was driving a company truck then, and didn’t have to worry about resale value and dents very much.

The road took us through a small community surrounding Lake Irwin. The locals are rather concerned with the lack of privacy they have with all the hikers and ATV riders driving past their door, and so there were No Trespassing signs posted often along the road. In winter the roads are not maintained, and the only access is via Snowmobile. In summer the sleds are left at the side of the road awaiting the snow to return. As before, some of these pictures are by Debbie, with our thanks.IMG_3032

Lake Irwin is a pretty camping and swimming spot, although the picnic area could use some maintenance.IMG_3033

Not far past the lake we started to climb towards the ridge. Dana figured that with the length of the previous day’s hike, the further we could drive up the road, the more our legs would appreciate it. Actually most of the lower portion of the hike was on this same road, but the views were still special.


Looking back at Lake Irwin.


Before too long we ran out of road and moved onto the trail. At least I think there was a trail somewhere under the snow.



Scarp Ridge was above us the whole time. You can’t tell from here, but it’s a sheer drop on the other side, and almost as steep on this side.


There were lots of flowers on this hike as well, but after messing up some of them yesterday I will just tell you there were pretty yellow, red, white and purple ones.


However, these were Avalanche Lilies. Debbie was surprised that we never saw any of these on the Frigid Air hike.


We never lost sight of Lake Irwin, although it seems like a long way away.


Once we reached the ridge, we could see how steep it was on the far side. That was as close as Debbie would venture to the edge. She figured ‘why tempt fate’.


I had to get a ‘bit’ closer to the edge to take these pics.


I think Sylvia is saying ‘Lets NOT go there’.


This is where she was pointing. If we were more daring we could have walked along the rocks and made it to the next ridge. That just wasn’t going to happen. It was narrow, steep and loose. Not good conditions for those afraid of being sucked over the edge.


Before long we were on our way back down, but first Sylvia tried to sing ‘The Hills are Alive’ from the Sound of Music. She found that at almost 12000 feet she didn’t have the breath to try singing with any volume. So, no concert for us.17-IMG_7627

She did find a spot to do a Snow Angel though.



And then we were done. Just over 3.5 hours today, which was about enough for our legs.

I have some more pics of our various adventures, and will summarize and post them in the next few days. I am finding it hard to narrow down the several hundred pictures, so please  indulge us with our long posts. Colorado is definitely worth a visit.


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