No More Bears

Since we discovered the present that one of our resident bears left on our lawn and pulled in the rest of our fruit we’ve seen no more Yogi or Jasper activity in the yard. That doesn’t mean we’ve been getting off unscathed though, as I’ve chased a 4 point deer out of the yard a couple of times, and our roses have been chomped on quite a bit lately. Oh well, at least we’re keeping the local wildlife well fed.

With all the pears and apples we now have, we’ve been searching for different ways to preserve them. That has included a batch of Cranberry Pear Chutney, as well as Pear sauce. The Chutney is a variant of the Peach Chutney we canned last year, but instead of using raisins dried Cranberries are the secret ingredient. It has to sit for a month, but should be pretty good.

This is what it looks like once it’s assembled.IMG_20160906_103708

It has to cook for a couple of hours, so this is all we ended up with.IMG_20160906_125109

The Pear sauce is made just like Applesauce, and tastes just as good, we added orange rind and juice for extra flavour.


We found out last week that our Colorado friends Deb and Dana were attending the home opener of their beloved Denver Broncos. As we figure we were at least partly responsible for the team winning the Super Bowl last February we geared up in our lucky Broncos T-shirts, took a picture during the game and sent it to Deb. Sure enough the Broncos won a very exciting game and Deb says we have to wear the shirts every week, and just to make sure they stay lucky we are not allowed to wash them!


This week we took off for a few days to celebrate our 41st Anniversary. The location we chose this year is Halcyon Hot Springs, about a 5 hour drive from our home. We’ve driven past this resort several times, and never stopped in but always wanted to. Halcyon is on Arrow Lake, about 40 minutes north of Nakusp and an hour from Revelstoke and is only accessible by ferry from our direction. What this really means, is that it is miles and miles from everywhere, and is out of range of any and all cell networks. It meant for a quiet couple of days, which is the point of the place after all.

The view from our room was not hard to take.


The first morning we were there we took a wander along the lakeside trail. The water level is quite low this time of year.


The path took us to the original Hot Spring at Halcyon Point. There are home and RV sites available around the springs, but it all looks kind of derelict.


Back at the resort we enjoyed the various pools. It is not a large resort, and the pools are never that crowded.


And we especially enjoyed the view. It was a great getaway, and we really enjoyed ourselves. We’ve had a great 41 years, maybe we’ll make another 41 or more.IMG_20160913_153842

On our way home we stopped in at Ione Falls for a few minutes. Another real pretty spot.


Our next stop was at Nakusp, a small town on the same lake, which is part of the Columbia River system. You can see how low the lake is. The line of logs are used to mark off the usual swimming area. There will have to be another 10 feet of water to reach the logs, and another 25 or so to reach the level of the beach where we were walking.


One good part of the extra beach is that there are a very large number of boondocking RV sites available. That is a small Class C, and it was surrounded by various watercraft. Whoever is staying there it definitely enjoying the lake.


Our last stop before heading home was in the small town of Lumby. This past spring Lumby won a competition to host an NHL hockey game, and it’s a big deal for the town, although the game itself will be held in Vernon, about a half hour away, since the town and it’s arena are very small.


So that’s about it for the last couple of weeks. We still have lots of pears and apples left, and have some plans for more applesauce and jam in the works. That should be good!


6 responses to “No More Bears

  1. Beautiful place – – we may have to visit some time!

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  2. Happy Anniversary, it sounds like a nice way to celebrate it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Are you going to the hockey game? It would be fun if you could get tickets!


  4. I forgot… Happy Anniversary!


  5. Happy anniversary – you picked a really gorgeous spot. Are those hot pools spring fed?
    All the best – Beverly


  6. 41 years! Well done you two – you’re off to a great start.

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