Deer, take two.

Edit: ok, it was a deer, and not a bear. Don’t forget that I am a ‘City’ boy.

We were visited by another bear last night. At least we think it was a bear, although I think that a deer can do a lot of damage when it wants to.

We have a very nice little Tri-colour Willow that we planted a couple of years ago. This morning we woke up to see all the bark shredded and stripped off the trunk, and one of the larger branches broken off and lying on the ground.

Too bad, as it won’t survive the abuse.

I have now warned the neighborhood that if they hear gunshots, look the other way……just kidding……a little.


6 responses to “Deer, take two.

  1. Rod, That looks like “buck rub” to me. The buck uses the tree to rub the renewing antler velvet. I saw a lot of it in Pennsylvania where I grew up. Usually the velvet hangs in shreds after the rub and eventually falls off.

    Hope to see you this winter. We expect to arrive around Nov 1.

    Regards, Kent

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  2. Ahh that’s sad 😞


  3. Hi Rod, I had a buck do the same to my ornamental Japanese in my front yard a few years ago. I yelled at it, but it just showed me its big pointy horns and kept ‘fighting’ my tree trunk. My tree’s trunk was about the same size as yours is; that’s the size they like to pick a fight with. I didn’t think that was very nice as my tree wasn’t fighting back. Mine recovered because there was still a bit of bark left on the backside but yours looks in pretty rough shape. Now if we could only bring a deer to small claims court…. David


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