We Better Like Grape Jam

Last Thursday my uncle dropped off a 10 pound box of grapes from his backyard vine. The vine is a single plant, about 20 years old, that produces an abundant crop of sweet seedless table grapes.

After giving a few away to Sylvia’s Cousin Deb and Wes, who were visiting us after just moving to Kelowna, we ate our fill and wondered what to do with the rest of it. Sylvia had plans to make a bit of jam, and maybe freeze some. Once we started to de-stem them and put them in pots it didn’t look like that much fruit, so we decided to jam the whole batch, thinking we’d barely get two batches. We were incorrect.

What looked like a simple job ended up being more than 3 batches (or 28 jars) of tasty Grape Jam, and several frozen Grape ‘pucks’ for use some other time. We learned that Grapes go a long way when you process them with their skins.

At least we now have lots to share.


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