They’re Baaack.

A couple of weeks ago my buddy Croft posted about the neighbourhood forest rats going to great lengths to raid their bird feeders. You can see the proof here.

This week we’ve seen various indications that these same rodents are hanging around when we’re not watching.

Our first clue was the large number of roses that were suddenly missing from our bushes. When we left to go to Calgary last week these bushes were absolutely full of flowers. Now? Not so much.

Then there was the not so small pile left on our lawn the next day.

And then yesterday morning we’re found a pair of Antlered rats laying on our lawn. I scared them off, and was treated to a bit of a show as they got into a short fencing match among the junipers (at least they weren’t practicing on our ornamental trees). It wasn’t long before they planted themselves high above us and waited until we went inside so they could come back and chew on some more roses.

So before they got a chance to chomp on the flowers again I cut them all back and I bedded them down for the winter.

As well, we trimmed and evened out all cedars that the deer turned into tall toadstools last winter.

A couple of more days in our yard as well as cleaning up some of our neighbour’s hedges (I have a gas powered hedge trimmer and a truck, so I am popular) and the yard will be ready for winter. Can’t happen soon enough.


3 responses to “They’re Baaack.

  1. You have some mighty big rats out there in West Kelowna.


  2. We have both kinds of rats here on the seashore but the worst by far are the deer who not only nip the flowers but devour the entire plant, We have defeated them with fencing and it was amusing seeing them make their successful attack on the bird feeder!


  3. This time of year, they will eat anything. They have a lot more to chose from in your yard!


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