First stop, Yakima.

We got away quite early today, which is not always the case. In just under 2 hours we were at the border, and less than 10 minutes later we were on our way into the US. The border agent, who actually had a sense of humour, only asked about 4 questions before directing us to the side for an Agricultural Inspection. Every time we cross the border at Osoyoos we have been pulled over for inspection, but I think that is just what they do there, as we’ve never seen any RV’s waved through.

By 4:00 we drove into Yakima and stopped at a park we’ve stayed at before, and probably should have remembered to never stop at again. The sites are narrow and short, and from the smell outside our RV,they have a problem with skunks. We can’t even get our living room slide, which admittedly is much deeper than most, all the way open and that has left us with a couple of issues. 

First, our TV is locked behind the slide, and we can’t see it all. Not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things. Second, the seal on the slide can’t block off the outside air effectively and we’re a bit cool this evening. That will be fixed by bringing the slide in when we shut down for the night.

We’ll likely end up somewhere in Southern Oregon tomorrow. Whether we head further South on 97 or West towards the coast and I-5 depends on what the weather looks like tomorrow night. It’s raining hard right now, and expected to be even wetter tomorrow. As long as it doesn’t approach freezing, we’ll stay inland so we can explore some new roads. We’ll let you know!


One response to “First stop, Yakima.

  1. René & Jeanette

    The Osoyous border is always problematic when we cross there. The coastal border crossings are far quicker and easier to deal with.

    Best wishes for dry roads but the coastal areas are looking wet in the days ahead.


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