We’re Off! Well, almost.

It’s been real busy for us lately, as since the last week of September we have had 3 trips to Calgary, and 3 trips to the Fraser Valley to intersperse with the various duties necessary to button up our home and yard for the winter. 

Finally the bushes are trimmed, the lawn is cut for the last time, the leaves have been raked (or at least blown into the ravine), the furniture has been dusted and wrapped in plastic, the satellite dish tested and the RV packed. 

We’re spending the night in the trailer, as the house is buttoned up and we should be away early Monday morning. Unfortunately we have left it just a bit too late to take the direct route through Eastern Nevada as winter winds and snow will be arriving there just about the time we would be trying to drive through. So, we’re off on the coastal route, which will provide us a few new highways to check out through Washington and Oregon before we get to the I-5. We’ve got 6 days to get to Gold Canyon, and Google Maps tells me it’s about 28 hours of driving on this route, which is likely closer to 40 pulling the trailer, so 6 days sounds just about right.

Excited States, here we come. 


4 responses to “We’re Off! Well, almost.

  1. Looking forward to seeing you two. Drive safe and enjoy the scenery!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Safe travels, and fingers crossed for clear roads!


  3. Safe trip you guys! Enjoy your winter!

    Karen and Hugh



  4. Have a safe trip and enjoy your winter, I will miss you.


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