So, it’s hard to believe that just yesterday afternoon we were wandering around our park in Arizona waiting for our departure time. Our flight was pretty uneventful, and was the first time we’ve been on a 747. It arrived over London almost an hour early as we had a 100 mph tail wind the whole way.

This afternoon, which is actually only about 10 hours later, we were in London enjoying the sights.

And the evening was topped off with a visit to here:

The Royal Albert Hall, which has been on our bucket lists for a long time. While Rod might have preferred attending a Bonamassa or Clapton concert for the inaugural event, attending a Christmas concert and being serenaded by a 170 voice choir and live orchestra was not a bad alternative. And throw in one of the finest pipe organs in the world and it made for a special evening.

The venue lived up to it’s billing, and the acoustics were phenomenal. But by the end of the night we were bushed and ready for bed. I just hope our bodies don’t think of it as a nap and wake us up in a few hours. Whatever happens though, tomorrow is sure to be full and fun too.


4 responses to “Whirlwind

  1. Great fun. That city (& the entire country) offers so much. You’ve already embraced some of it. Nice.

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  2. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Sounds like you hit the ground running – as is your style :-)! Enjoy!!


  3. Sounds like a great concert … I’m jealous 😊

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