Just a Bit Quieter Day

This morning after a rather restless sleep (we were both awake for 2+ hours reading in the middle of the night) we walked to the Borough Market. 

This farmers market has been in operation since 1739, and is pretty impressive. There are probably close to 100 vendors selling everything from soup to nuts (and wine and cheese and candy and veggies and meat and etc….). As it was Christmas Eve the place was jam packed with shoppers and I admit it wasn’t my favourite experience. I really don’t like being jostled, poked and prodded, but since we needed to pick up some stuff for Christmas Dinner we had to make the attempt. 

We managed to find everything we needed, and a few things we didn’t, and left the area for the much quieter walk along the Thames River. We discovered a replica of the ship Golden Hinde which was commanded by Sir Francis Drake during the Elizabethan age.

We then walked past the Anglican Cathedral where we wish to attend a Christmas Day service tomorrow.

From there we walked the river and got a view of the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The tower was King Henry VIII’s castle and is now the home of the Crown Jewels. I don’t know if we’ll get there this trip, but as we’re planning a return trip in the next year we’ll put it on our list for then.

From there we walked back to the Underground and were back in time for a late lunch. Our walk took us past The Shard, an impressive hotel and residential building surrounded by aged Row Houses.

We can see the Shard from where we’re staying, and at night it lights up the sky with spotlights and choreographed light displays.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading your kind comments about Sylvia’s blog. We honestly do wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


One response to “Just a Bit Quieter Day

  1. Looks like your having a great time. Enjoy the “old” country. Weather here has been unseasonably wet. Big dust storm today followed by lots of rain and a beautiful sunset to usher in Christmas day. Have a merry Christmas.

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