Back in the Groove

In the last week since we returned from London we’ve got ourselves back in the swing of things here in Gold Canyon. After spending a couple of nights waking up long before Stupid O’clock, as our internal timers were still out of whack by 7 hours, we decided jet lag was much easier to handle when you travelled East to West. We were still a bit bedraggled by New Years Eve, but with the help of a necessary afternoon nap we were able to stay up long past Midnight and ring in 2017 with a few friends. As we had to get up early the next morning to perform our duties at the Church service here in the park, another nap that afternoon was on the agenda, but by Sunday we were pretty well back to normal.

That’s a good thing, as our sporting activities began in earnest on Monday. A couple of hours of Pickleball, two softball games, Happy Hour and we were quite done by the end of the day. We split the two softball games, which is quite an improvement over our pre-Christmas games where we didn’t win once.

Tuesday was all about Pickleball and Softball again as the second team I’m playing on had a practice scheduled. By the end of the day my legs were getting just a bit sore. That didn’t stop us from getting up early on Wednesday and heading out on a hike with the club. This was a new hike for our club and was to a spot called Bulldog Saddle. It was supposed to be a new trail, and possibly under-developed in spots, but it looks like it’s been discovered and the trail was fairly well travelled and easy to follow.

One thing we did notice about the trail was that there was a huge amount of Horse Manure everywhere we went. I thought this was due to equestrian trekkers using the trail, but I discovered that the horses in question were wild Mustangs which roam the area. We were fortunate enough to see some of them, more on that later.

Almost 40 0f us took off for the trailhead, and as it was a new trail we mostly kept the group together which is not that common for our crowd. Most of the trails we use are so well known to various members of our club that they forge ahead and finish the hike long before some of us slowpokes/picture takers. Mind you sometimes we have to go and find some of these intrepid hikers and guide them gently back onto the correct path. That only happened once or twice on this hike.

As we’ve been dealing with cloudy skies and cool temperatures it was nice to have such a nice day for our hike. The temps are still in the low 60’s, but as long as we are in the sunshine it’s very comfortable.


About halfway through the hike and after listening to a multitude of reports of ‘Poop Alert’ as we walked the trail we came across these 7 wild Mustangs. It was quite the treat. You could tell they weren’t scared of us or the dogs with us, as we got within about 100 yards of them at one point, and they just went about their business: Eating grass and making fertilizer.


The view on the back side of Pass Mountain is always nice.


As is the view of the Superstitions which tower over our RV park.


It was about a 5 mile hike, and we were back in the park in time for lunch, none the worse for wear.


Today was Fill the Fridge and Do The Laundry day, and we’re going to spend the evening watching the Canadian Junior Mens Hockey team beat up on the USA team. We can’t celebrate too much tonight though, as we have another hike scheduled for tomorrow. Pictures will surely follow.


2 responses to “Back in the Groove

  1. Sylvia has a tree growing out of her head 😉. Nice pictures🌵😁


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