Weaver’s Needle Crosscut

Our Friday hike was another new one for Sylvia and I. We’d been on portions of this hike in the past a couple of times, but the section that took us across the base of Weaver’s Needle and then back up to Fremont Saddle was all new to us. It was described as a Difficult Hike in our club’s list, and they didn’t lie. The total distance was anywhere between 7.5 and 9 miles depending upon whose GPS you believed (mine was on the low side) with a total ascent of about 2300 feet. And remember for every foot you ascend, you have to come back down just as far. There were 3 significant inclines we had to  climb and descend, and it proved to be a real challenge. To the best of my knowledge nobody fell and got hurt, although one fella did get his pants dirty but wouldn’t tell us how.

Right out of the gate we were climbing Cardiac Hill, which is an aptly named 1 mile grind straight uphill. Before long we were high above the parking area looking back over a very green valley.IMG_3603

Next we were in Barks Canyon, and were surprised to see how much water was in the creek.


Weaver’s Needle dominates the views  from most of the high points in the Superstitions, and is the subject of innumerable photos in my camera and those of every photographer I know.


There are quite a few other rock outcroppings to be seen on this hike. Does anyone else see an animal here?


Or a face there?


Yes, I am going to show you some more shots of the Needle. This is as close as we’ve ever been, but there are people who climb the Needle and rappel down. Far too adventurous for us.


Paul, one of our more inquisitive hikers, decided to climb up to this overhang and see what was on the other side. He ended up coming back and climbing down the more conventional route with the rest of us.


The climb down from the needle was steep and challenging, and dropped us down into yet another creek bed. Weaver’s Needle still dominates the skyline.


As we climbed up to Fremont Saddle we saw great views back toward the Salt River valley.


From Fremont it was another 2 mile walk down to the parking area, and by the time we were finished we were all pretty tired. It was a great day for a hike though. The temps were in the mid 60’s, or about 17 C by the afternoon. Perfect for a difficult hike.


I don’t know if we’ll keep on hiking twice a week, as it’s proving to be difficult to juggle all our sports activities and still have time to get anything else done. As my Son keeps telling me, we have ‘First World Problems’.


2 responses to “Weaver’s Needle Crosscut

  1. But isn’t it nice that those are you only problems 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry to say but Greg passed away Dec 1st. Lucky for me I have great family and friends to help me.
    Hoping all the best for you in the new year.
    Love and luck – Beverly


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