I Won a Car!

Every Saturday the park has Round Robin Pickleball tournaments for the various skill level groups here. I play with the A group and today I ended up with the most points of all the 30 players after 6 rounds. 

My prize for this feat was a New Car!

Just about my speed. Now Sylvia or I have to win it again some week, as I have two grandkids, and need at least one for each of them.

Unfortunately, Sylvia and the B group got rained out today, as it started to pour just as my group was finished. Maybe she’ll win the car next week.


7 responses to “I Won a Car!

  1. Congratulations Row! Wow, a car! I have never won anything! You will be the most popular Grandpa ever!


  2. Catchy headline! Mine didn’t have the awesome hood scoop like yours. 🙂




  3. My dream car…..when I was 16


  4. Jeanette and René

    We are rooting for a win….! Those grandkids would be thrilled😃☂️


  5. If the second win is not done, why not just buy a second one?
    Or keep the original as a trophy to be passed on.

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