So, Lately….

It’s been pretty quiet for us these past couple of weeks. We have only been on one hike due to scheduling issues, and illness.

First, Sylvia picked up the Galloping Crud which runs rampant in the RV park every winter. It seems no matter how hard we try and prevent it a strain of cold and/or flu gains a foothold in the park, and a large portion of us catch it eventually. Sylvia felt the effects for about 10 days, which is abnormally long for her, but it didn’t prevent her from trying out for the Pickleball team that will represent our park in the Cal-Am tournament next month. She and Debra ended up 5th, which wasn’t too bad. Did I mention that there were only 5 teams? The very next day she didn’t get out of her PJ’s all day as she was pretty wrung out. 

The weather hasn’t been great either, as we’ve seen cooler temperatures and more rain than we’ve ever experienced before here in Arizona. To remind us why we’re down here, we flew back to the Fraser Valley in BC to visit Sylvia’s folks for a few days. She recovered from her cold just in time to fly here, but just before we left I managed to catch the crud, and have spent the weekend blowing my nose. 

Flying over Mt St Helens

 The weather isn’t bad here, for mid winter, but we are looking forward to heading back to 70+ temps and sunshine. I will miss a softball game on Monday due to our trip, and as we’re on a one game winning streak (finally) that’s too bad. I will be back in time for the Tuesday games, and as that team is undefeated it’s going to be interesting to see how long we can keep our record intact.

Sunrise over Mt Baker

With the return of warmer temperatures and better health, we should be back on the trails, courts and Ball diamonds as per normal. Can’t wait.


3 responses to “So, Lately….

  1. Jeanette and René

    Well, we’ve managed to avoid colds, flu and the desert crud many speak of. We want that to hold true for the balance of our stay.

    Hope you recover quickly, Rod.


  2. Hope you’re back on form soon.iss those mountain Trail pics!


  3. We hope you are feeling better soo.! Kudos to Sylvia on pickleball, especially when she wasn’t feel well. The weather is warming up in the Phoenix area and looks like it will continue … yippee!


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