We Own a Second Home!

This revelation will come as no surprise to those of you who read my posts from Canyon Vistas, as it’s been an open secret for a while, but as of this afternoon we have signed the paperwork that transfers ownership of a Park Model here into our names.

We’ve purchased a home owned by our friends Bruce and Sonja and have been looking at it for a couple of years before finally getting serious about it this year. We’re actually kind of ambivalent about the whole process, as while we’re pleased that we are going to be owning the place, we’re just a bit sad to know that we won’t be visiting with Bruce and Sonja in their home any longer.

Our new home sits at the front of the park, and has a great view of the Superstition Mountains where we do most of our hiking. And, as it sits on a corner lot, there is an open view to the west so we can experience some of those spectacular Arizona sunsets unimpeded. Just about perfect, and definitely a drawing card for us.

We have plans to add on a Arizona Room, second bath complete with Laundry and a storage room while we’re back home, but are dealing with some issues regarding permits and contractors. Hopefully we’ll be able to get things sorted out over the summer and have things complete before we come back next fall.

We’re not planning on getting rid of our 5th Wheel anytime soon, and will likely still be using it to travel back and forth between BC and Arizona for at least a few more years. Right now we still can’t figure out any better way to get our frozen BC seafood down here with us, among other things.

Next year we’ll hopefully have the deck moved closer to the street,  and our new room built behind it. The new storage area is going behind where Bruce’s truck is presently parked. We’ll be sure to keep you informed.



11 responses to “We Own a Second Home!

  1. Keith and Linda Allen

    Wow! Big news from you guys! Congratulations. Hope all your building plans go smoothly. When do you start the trip north? Keith and Linda

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  2. Ahh, a new era in ‘camping AZ’. 🏠 Good for you. Looks so inviting! Enjoy! And make sure you get that BC fish down there carefully.
    It’s been a while since we SOLD our CR home in your Park office (2012). Another visit may be due. Might actually have to learn Pickleball to join you two tho 😏! Folks from you Park in our pool today … on their thru. Didn’t know you, tho. They’re missing out. Big park!

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  3. Congratulations! We were just wondering the other day if you had finalized the sale. It looks very nice and will be big with the new addition!


  4. Jeanette and René

    Congratulations. Great news.

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  5. Congratulations. Looks in great shape and with your renos it will be a fabulous winter home.

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  6. Congratulations! You have been thinking about this for some time and you finally did it. You will be happy there!

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  7. Dave Luce Smith

    Very nice, you will enjoy having a house there, it changes all the possibilities of winter travel


  8. Retirement has turned you into land barons! Congrats on your latest!


  9. Rod and Sylvia,
    Just got around to reading this after having guests in succession for the past three weeks. Whew! It is always fun but this was just too long. We are glad to be back to our own routine. Congratulations on your selection of Bruce and Soja’s park model.

    Funny things about that: I was having my morning devotions on our patio last year. As you may recall, we were parked up against the back of your new place and we had met and conversed with Bruce multiple times. Anyway, in the midst of my devotions I had the “nudge” to have a look at God’s great creation of Flatiron, so I walked around to the front and noticed the “For Sale” sign. As I stood there it occurred to me that if I were sitting on that deck in the morning, I could look up at the mountain any time I wanted to do so. When I went back to the RV I mentioned that to Shari. To make a long story short, that was the beginning of the “trail” that led to our winter home at 408 in Montesa. Incidentally, when I open my patio door in the morning I look directly out at Flatiron.

    Have a great summer.


    • Thanks. I am certain that we’re going to enjoy living at 183. The only problem is not having Bruce and Sonja there. Have yourselves a great summer, though I seem to recall you’re having some orthopedic surgery.


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