Things We Left Behind

Another season of fun, fitness and general merriment has come to an end in Arizona. At least for us, although we know of several couples remaining in Canyon Vistas until at least the end of April. This surprisingly includes some Canadian couples, although they spent extended periods back in Canada over the winter, and still have some days left in their annual eligibility.

We finished off our time here with yet another traditional event as 4 couples had a final Mexican dinner at Los Gringos Locos in Apache Junction. This was actually a smaller gathering than usual, as far too many friends left early this year. We discussed all that is wrong with the world, and one of our topics certainly raised some eyebrows at surrounding tables. Since ‘What happens in Arizona Stays in Arizona’ my lips are sealed.

Among the things we left behind was this little guy.

I ran across this guy a few times over the past several days as he kept hiding under boxes and rocks I had placed under the trailer for safe keeping. I believe he was trying to hide from the Roadrunner that has been hunting in the park now that it had thinned out a bit. Every time I saw it scurrying around it had a gecko or something in it’s beak.

We also left behind a bunch of these.

There are a few of these Argentine Giants in the park, and they give a great display. Unfortunately they only flower for a single day, and today, just as we were driving away seemed to be the day this year.

Now that we have purchased a Park Model we were able to leave behind quite a bit of stuff that we will only need in Arizona. This includes a fair bit of clothing with Canyon Vistas logos stiched on it as well as some chairs, a printer and office furniture we won’t need in the RV any longer as it will no longer be our primary winter residence. This has left us with quite a bit of room in the RV as we head home, which is rather nice for a change. We usually have to deal with boxes of stuff we can only get in the US, but have been able to pack it all away this trip, with room to spare.

Until we left this morning we didn’t know which route we were going to take. As I have an aversion to taking the same route twice, we had a couple of options still available to us that we hadn’t done before. In the end we have decided to stay in the warm temperatures as long as possible and headed west to Desert Hot Springs. The fact that we’ve done this route in reverse doesn’t count, does it?

No matter which route we take it seems to take us four and a half days to get back to BC, and this time we’re heading to visit with Sylvia’s folks before heading home. It looks like we’ll arrive just in time for the weather to turn wet and cool. Now that will be different, but not necessarily welcome.


6 responses to “Things We Left Behind

  1. What is the critter hiding from the roadrunner?


  2. We got home yesterday. Snow is mostly gone but heavy frost this morning. Thinking April 15 would be better arrival date.
    Safe travels

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    • A buddy of mine (Crofts Travels) times his return as late in April as possible, and still get his taxes in to his accountant. Usually that’s after April 25th.

      On Apr 5, 2017 7:36 AM, “Six Saturdays and a Sunday” wrote:



  3. It must be nice to leave stuff behind for your new home 😊 I love the Argentine Giant, too bad it only blooms for one day!


  4. Jeanette and René

    Safe journey for home. We had a sunny drive from Palm Springs to home but one day after our arrival in BC, the rain returned.😰

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