Well, That was a Dumb Move

We left Desert Hot Springs shortly after 8 AM and figured we’d be arriving in the Los Angeles basin late enough to miss the worst of the traffic. The plan was to stay as far North as we could and skirt the traffic by taking I-210. The only problem was we missed the right turn. 

No problem, as we had several other route options to reach I-5 and our route north. By the time we got to I-215 and then I-15 we were cruising along at 50+ Mph and figured we’d just stay on I-10 as it was working out great. Just, and I mean JUST as we passed the turn for 15 both of our phones went nuts with notifications about multiple accidents on I-10 and delays of up to 90 minutes. 

Within a mile we came to a dead stop and it took us an hour to travel the next 6 miles or so until we reached the cut-off to allow us to finally reach 210. After that it moved pretty well, although there were a few spots where we slowed down for construction and to deal with looky loo’s who were trying to figure out why the highway was blocked going the opposite way.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and we made it to Patterson, CA just after 5:00. This made for a long day of driving but Sylvia treated us to a dessert of Ice Cream bars to finish off our evening. She felt she had to give me a treat, as she wanted to watch her Dancing show all night on our PVR.

The countryside looks green and healthy for a change. All the rains this winter seem to have done some good. It was 84F when we arrived, but depending on how far we get tomorrow, this could be our last day of shorts and T-shirts for a while.


5 responses to “Well, That was a Dumb Move

  1. I wish we still had 84F weather! Glad you made it through the traffic, but that was a long day 😊

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  2. Shorts? I am in long pants and vest here in West Kelowna and have been since Bend, Oregon. Please bring the warm weather with you!

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  3. There is no good time to travel the LA area! 24/7 365 rush hour!


  4. I just knew somehow that you weren’t getting that ice cream without just cause. Hope the rest of your north bound trip goes well.


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