No View of Mt Shasta Today

We made it as far as Canyonville Oregon today, a total of  462 miles, but we were done  almost a half hour earlier than yesterday’s drive of 406 miles through Los Angeles. The weather has definitely changed since yesterday. When we were setting up in Patterson, CA the temperature was approaching 80F and we’d seen highs of 86 during the day.

On our drive today the temperature dropped as low as 39F when we were in Weed, CA near Mt Shasta and the clouds were right down to the deck. We never got a glimpse of Mt Shasta which was a disappointment. We did catch a few glimpses of Lake Shasta and were quite surprised by the high level of the lake. It’s almost 150 feet higher than when we drove past in 2015 which is about 3 times more water storage than just 18 months ago. I think the drought has been broken….for now at least.

By the time we arrived at the Seven Feathers RV resort the temperatures had climbed back up into the high 60’s, but the rains started soon after we arrived and haven’t let up all evening. Welcome back to the Northwest…..At least it’s not snowing, which is happening around Mt Shasta as I write this.

Tomorrow we’ll be somewhere in central Washington, and then back in Canada on Saturday. The drive tomorrow will be somewhere short of 300 miles followed by just over 200 miles on Saturday. We’re looking forward to some shorter days.


2 responses to “No View of Mt Shasta Today

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the water level in Lake Shasta, we were wondering if it had risen. When we drove along Okanagan Lake between Penticton and Peachland yesterday we could barely see it from the lake fog and rain!

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  2. It wasn’t much better at Shasta. This morning we have 50 mph gusts in Canyonville. It’s going to be a slow start this morning.


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