We Had Some Help

Our drive on Friday between Canyonville Oregon and Centralia Washington was fairly short 300 miles, and also fairly quick. We also got great fuel mileage, as we had a 30 mph tailwind for most of the day.  That is a rather odd occurrence, as it seems no matter which way we go it’s always into a headwind. 

Our night at Seven Feathers resort was quiet from a standpoint of Highway noise, as the RV park is isolated from the Interstate quite nicely, but had a few other interesting events. All during our setup we could hear someone in the canyon behind us discharging a high powered rifle. There must have been more than 50 shots fired, and with the accompanying echo it as just a bit uncomfortable. Then, by mid evening the wind and rain came with a vengeance and I eventually had to pull in our big slide, as the topper was flapping like it wanted to fly away.

In the morning when I was trying to pack up our hoses etc. our site was surrounded by about 3 inches of water. It made for an interesting departure, and I was happy I brought along extra work clothes and shoes, as it was also still pounding rain. 

Midway RV in Centralia is also far off the highway, and I think this was actually our quietest trip home other than the windstorm.

In a short while we’re off to cross the border, and our other life begins again. At least we’re not dealing with this stuff like we did in 2011 near Zion Canyon. At least not yet, though the pass into the Okanagan is still seeing lots of snow. But that’s a problem for later in the week.


4 responses to “We Had Some Help

  1. OK, it’s official, you are too early!


  2. Jeanette and René

    Only one week earlier and we had four continuous sun filled days, with pleasant temperatures and dry roads. Our drive was juxtaposed to yours.😎

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  3. Whooaaaa!!! That snow reminds that you left way too early. We depart April 30 to head to Minnesota and even then we could run into the white stuff!


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