Welcome Back.

At least that’s what the border guard said to us as she handed us back our passports. We had a short 4 hour drive today which took 5 hours and absolutely no drama as we crossed the border.

The extra time was on account of Tacoma traffic. Here’s the view we saw for quite a while.

The rest of the drive through Seattle was quick and uneventful. A not so usual occurrence from our past experience.
We’re planted in the Freak Of Nature’s back yard (Sylvia’s Dad) for a couple of days watching the rain fall, and believe you me, it’s falling hard right now. We’ll be here for a few days before heading home.


4 responses to “Welcome Back.

  1. Jeanette and René

    Alright, back in Canada. If the weather prognosticators are to be believed, you should get dome relief from rain today.


  2. Sorry about the rain 😦


  3. That does it!! Too many COLD RAINY Stories back home 😩! We shall remain in INDIO (4th extension since April 1st)!! Sunny & Warm!! Pools and Palm trees!
    But have to leave Thrs, unfortunately.
    Sorry you couldn’t get an RV site here .. would have been fabulous!
    Keep your umbrellas high!


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