Ten Minutes

That’s how long the eating area carpet lasted after yesterday’s blog. The look on Sylvia’s face as I came upon her staring at the carpet meant it had to go.

To remind you, here’s what we had yesterday. 

After a conversation with our Design Capable son and a trip to a few more Carpet stores here is what we ended up with.

This time I even got to take the tape off the floor that I was using to determine where to locate the rugs. Sylvia is happy, so that means Everybody is Happy. And yes, it was a nice day as that’s sunshine streaming in the window.

And as a side trip on the way home we stopped in an Accessory store and picked up this Mosaic for our Living Room.

Rumour has it that more pieces will be coming along soon as Sylvia has checked out most every store in town. In case you’re wondering, we’re spending our Tax Refund……In a hurry it seems.


2 responses to “Ten Minutes

  1. Perfect carpet and wall cutsie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the new rug! And the new pic 😊

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