Careful What You Wish For?

Well, I made the softball team. They decided to bring in 4 new players this year, and told a couple of guys from  previous years that they are now spares. I did mention that this is a competitive team, didn’t I?

Now the fun begins, as I was emailed the schedule and between now and the end of August there are 25 Double Header games scheduled plus at least a couple of tournaments. I think I’m gonna be busy.

I was informed when I made contact with the team that most of our games would be played close by in West Kelowna. When I got the schedule yesterday it turns out that 10 dates are in West Kelowna, 10 are in Kelowna (about 15 minutes from home) and 5 are in Vernon, about 45 minutes away. From what I’ve seen of the ballfields so far, they’re going to be great to play on, with real warning tracks and flat outfields. The grass is also a lot thicker than what we see in Arizona, at least so far this spring. Things will likely change when the typical dry hot weather arrives for summer.

At least the team is carrying 14 players, plus a handful of spares, so if something comes up I can bow out for a game or two. I’ve already had to reschedule some medical appointments, as I was not planning on having two days a week tied up. Pickleball will likely suffer a bit too, but we don’t have a huge project scheduled as far as Yardwork goes this summer although that can change in a heartbeat.

Let the games begin!


6 responses to “Careful What You Wish For?

  1. Congratulations. A summer league and a winter league. Turning pro soon?

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  2. Where do you play pickle ball?


    • There are 3 courts on Anders Road across from the new Nesters Market. Open play is on there at 9:00 Monday to Wednesday and Friday. Men play Thursday, and Ladies on Saturday. There are also a couple of open courts at Mt Boucherie Secondary, and the City is building 6 more courts there soon. Do you play?


  3. Congrats! Have fun!


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