When Cousins Come Visit

We were pleased to have 3 of Sylvia’s cousins come for a visit and lunch on Friday. Cousin Peter and Susan live in St Catherine’s and we’ve been to their home a couple of times. They also try and head west at least every second year as they have a son in Winterpeg and most of the rest of Peter’s family is in BC.

They were joined by Peter’s Sister Anne and her husband John who moved to Kelowna last summer. We haven’t had a chance to catch up with them since they moved here so it was high time we remedied that. As well, Deb and Wes who also moved here last year rounded out the mini reunion. A good time was had by all, and Sylvia survived the day without any panic Smile. (you do know that she frets about making sure everything is perfect, don’t you?)

Lunch was great. It was even a nice day which made the pic kind of difficult.


The ladies. That’s Deb, Susan and Anne. Yes, Sylvia and Deb could be sisters……In fact, Sylvia borrowed Deb’s Wedding Dress 40+ years ago and there was some discussion on whether it would still fit them. I’m sue it would.


Wes, Peter and John.


Peter and Anne are the children of Sylvia’s oldest Aunt, and grew up with Sylvia’s Mom who was the youngest in the family.


And that’s the whole bunch.


Peter and Susan are here through the weekend, and on Monday head to the Lower Mainland to see their remaining 3 Aunts and an Uncle who all live there. They will be staying with Sylvia’s Mom.


4 responses to “When Cousins Come Visit

  1. Nice that you were able to get so many pictures!


  2. I have heard about the problems in your general area. Are you okay?


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