OK. I Think We’re Finally Done.

We’ve been renovating our yard since 2014 to attempt to make it more user friendly and less maintenance intensive. We thought we were finished the major work last year when we celebrated pulling out the last of the plants we didn’t like and spreading the last of 22 yards of gravel we’d bought over 3 years. The last section was below the rock wall in our backyard.

Over the course of last summer we kept looking at the remaining Junipers and not liking what we saw. We also found that the Bark mulch we placed around the Junipers kept falling onto the gravel and didn’t look great. Then when we got home from Arizona we found that our neighbourhood deer had done such a great job over the winter shaping the cedars at the top to look like skeletons that we decided to pull everything out.

What we haven’t had was a lot of time to get this work done. With playing softball two days a week and trying to get in some pickleball between rainstorms there hasn’t been much of an opportunity until this last week when I began pulling everything out and reshaping the dirt to accept a bunch of new bushes. We finished spreading another 2.5 yards of gravel yesterday, and are much happier now that we are actually, finally, completely finished. Hopefully.

Last winter was pretty hard on our yard, and the Clematis on the left looks pretty rough compared to past years. The cool spring has also meant that we haven’t got many flowers to show off. Usually by now we have lots of roses and peonies to share, but we haven’t hardly seen any buds appear yet this year. Our vegetable garden was pretty far behind as well, and then on the weekend I noticed a Marmot slinking out of our yard at breakfast time. It seems they like tender young plants, and our beets, kale, cilantro and lettuce were just about chewed down to the ground. I spread some deer repellant on the garden with the hope that I could save some plants, but it didn’t work, as the marmot came back and finished off any little sprigs he’d left behind. All we have left in the garden is Garlic and bare dirt. I guess it’s time to get the slingshot out and try and scare him off. 

The softball team is going OK. We haven’t won many games, only 2, but we’re having fun. Just to show you how desperate we are, they had me pitching in the last game after our regular pitcher had to leave. It didn’t go well, but then again, all I have ever pitched is for batting practice and it showed, as the other team hit everything I lofted at them. Oh well, better luck next time…..


8 responses to “OK. I Think We’re Finally Done.

  1. Beautiful yard. One of the reasons we moved off our acreage was that the work was never done.

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  2. You were pitching???


  3. The yard looks great!


  4. Looks wonderful but as to the marmot, sometimes you just can’t beat Mother Nature and her critters.


  5. Charlotte Boychuk

    Your yard always looks so good. I guess you’re going to have to build a 10-foot high chain link fence around your garden for next year, though.


  6. looks fantastic!

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